MBMBaM 253: Bye-Bye Boy


Please, please, someone get us out of this contract. We are in a Hellscape of our own creation, from which we will never receive relief. Anyone. Please.

Suggested talking points: On the Blob, Sock Farmer, Dew Time, Larry the Cable Curse, Knuckles Threesome, Accidental Breaking Bad


Love the show... Wanted to murder you on this one bit...

You guys make a wonderful podcast here, and I am geniunely a fan - however when I was listening to this episode (and particularly the whole bit about the guy who found Marijuana plants outside his apartment complex) I nearly broke a tooth from clamping my jaw with rage...

You seem to all be very astute fellows, and yet you (and less surprisingly, the guy who submitted to original question to yahoo) somehow are totally unaware of "ditch weed"???

Ditch weed, or hemp plants, are typically derivatives of the subspecies cannabis ruderalis, "feral" plants spread from current or former agricultural operations. These plants were commercially developed for hemp production - development that included enhancing the strains tendency to to produce high amounts of cellulose fiber and extremely low levels of THC - usually less that 0.2%. It was widely farmed - especially in the midwest, until a tax act virtually destroyed the industry in 1937. You can still find this stuff everywhere, all the fucking time, because of the cannabis plant family's other WIDELY KNOWN characteristic of being able to propagate basically anywhere. It is, after all, called "weed" for a reason - the shit can grow on every continent except Antarctica.

To my ears, what was funny about that yahoo submission was that this moron found himself in moral crisis over some worthless plants that grow more readily that dandelions - as though he had stumbled into a opium plantation somehow hidden in his neighborhood. But then, much to my horror, you ran with a bit that mirrored his abhor-able ignorance...

For shame McElory clan, for shame!

Taako is a real person?

Came here from TAZ, and I'm really enjoying the whole McElroy experience. I do think it's a bit weird to hear you guys out of character. I keep expecting Merle to come in and cast a Zone of Truth on everyone. Here, as in TAZ, the guys playing off each other are a great time. Keep it up!