MBMBaM 254: Dunkey


We had a really great run, America -- or should we say America 1: Vanilla Edition -- but it's time to spice things up. It's time to be reborn into something more beautiful, more powerful. It's time to Do the Bartman.

Suggested talking points: Powerade Prison, Hall of Mirrors and Penises, Dildostorm, Bagel Theft, Donkey Basketball Addiction, Inequality, America 2: Do The Bartman


I want a Dunkey 2: taking it

I want a Dunkey 2: taking it to the streets t-shirt and I am willing to pay a large $25 sum for it.

Uncontrollable Laughter Can Lead to Death

I became concerned that I was going to asphyxiate unless i could stop laughing uncontrollably (almost painfully) during the Dunkey bit. Loved every minute of it. Great job guys.

All I'm saying is, if my

All I'm saying is, if my ex-husband had ever said anything remotely as insightful as "my highest and best use was to support her"...well. :) You guys are the best, don't ever change.