MBMBaM 280: Great Job


This week, we very casually, almost off-handedly change the automotive industry forever. We just like, drop this earth-shattering car innovation like, no big deal, free of charge.

Suggested talking points: Quantum Candlenights, Extreme Dad Hobbies, Blaze v. Toke, Three Horns, Butt Shots, Buffet Alert





Oh man, I wish that ya'll had Papa Feaths (my dad) on your radar because answering the first question would have been a breeze. My dad loves numbers and spreadsheets and data about super boring things. For a really long time, he would weigh, count, and track data about pennies. Here's a Planet Money story that kind of explains why: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2014/05/16/312732409/episode-539-whats.... The rest of the explanation is that my dad is weird.

Christmas Carol the Live Radio Play

If you guys are in the Austin area any time during December, you should check out Pennfold Theater's version of A Christmas Carol.

It's done in the style of a Radio Play but performed in a theater before a live audience.