The McElroy Family Fun Hour Brought to You by Totino's


After a long day of toiling for Mr. Bossman, there's one name in the world of entertainment you can count on to chase away the blues: McELROY! The world's favorite chuckle brothers are back with some of their dearest friends with an all new special sure to brighten your day and turn that frown upside down.

This veritable galaxy of stars has been brought to you by the first name in pizza-based snacking: Totino's, so the brothers thought it only fair to spend 45 minutes talking exclusively about their products.

On with the show!


one of my favorite episodes

After listening to this I went out and bought a bag of pizza rolls!

Hands In Air, Do Not Care

Highly anticipated this episode, don't care if it's ironic or not, these guys consistently make me laugh until I spew melonade all over my Lappy 486.

So this is how it's gonna be?

This is troubling. A brief plug for Bing or Mailchimp, that's one thing; I love "Things I Bought At Sheetz," and that's basically buzz marketing for a chain I don't even have in my area. Importantly, though, I don't donate money to Sheetz.

Irony is great, but this level of effort feels like you're testing the waters. Like, is this to see if people will hate it, so you can just say it was all a joke and pretend you weren't seriously considering moving in this direction? Is this just comedic sellout plausible deniability?

I don't know, you guys. I really just don't know.

i thought this was the funnies thing I have heard in a minute

It was hilarious. This was comedy gold

You're dumb.

Hope this helps!

That's a little rude.

I'm just concerned about MaxFun starting to lose the plot. Jesse has been commendably transparent about this bonus episode, but he also gave Denny's a solid 20 minutes on this week's JJGo. If it doesn't bother you at all that so much time has recently been devoted to marketing junk food to us, that's totally fine. Given the community here, I hoped that if my comment prompted any response at all it would have at least been civil, not some lazy little jab.

Guess maybe I am dumb.

science/pizza roll count

Hi guys,

You said "Totinos" 99 times, "pizza roll" 122 times, and "blasted" at least 15 times in just under 45 minutes.

This does NOT include any use of the word "pizza" alone. So pizza pillow, pizza gem, pizza pocket etc. are not reflected in the 122 "pizza roll" count.

I used a Diffcount III scientific counter, so Griffin, don't worry this was still a valid funsperiment. You've done a lot for science today.

Am I crazy?

Anyone ever notice that the one on the right looks kinda like Island Boy? I mean, without goggles of course...

And without the Paul Masson

And without the Paul Masson Grande Amber VSOP, of course. Island Boy goes nowhere without that VSOP!

Looking forward to this all

Looking forward to this all week, have a big bag of Totinos at home waiting. We will be making them, then listening to this episode as we enjoy God's greatest creation (aside from horse ghosts, of course).

I'll be honest, leading up to

I'll be honest, leading up to this, every time they mentioned during a Totinos episode my mind was thinking Tostinos, and I didn't really get the point.

Now I've seen the Totinos logo, and it jogged my brain. Now I realized what they're actually talking about and I'm 100% on board. And no joke, Totinos Party Pizzas are legitimately one of my favorite foods. I could eat them for every meal. They're the single best frozen pizzas out there. Not even a bit. I genuinely super love Party Pizzas.

Handsome devils.

Handsome devils.