My Brother, My Brother and Me 111: Sacrilice


After a one-week forced sabbatical (thanks, derecho!), we're back and wetter than ever, ready to dole out all manner of advice on subjects we know little to nothing about. Except for derecho survival. We're basically experts on that, now.

Suggested talking points: Derecho Apocalypse, Forever Smell, Roommate Boundaries, Godwind, Straight-Edge Shrek, Illegal Cat Movies


The pit of eternal stench!!!

The pit of eternal stench!!! Forever!!!

something NOT dooshy here...

aaaaah sacrilice!!! im tellin ya, i couldn't leave this comment till i heard....sorry, i hella dig your show but i don't know one voice from the other yet but it should come as a compliment that i don't even know who you guys are and here i am commenting and following on twitter cuz I'm a fat cattle and now you three have my teets ballin!!!!! but i couldn't continue till i heard that your skin was like an orange fruit by the foot!!!!!!!!! holy crap i almost fainted at work cuz i just got you guys on stitcher like two weeks ago and, really, its all poop out there but there are three tasty peanuts...and those peanuts are travis griffin and.........boniqua?????? crap!!! i told you i havent been listening long enough but dang you guys are funny as shit!!!!!!! ps this podcast was the first one i heard and you had me at rubber sheets <3