My Brother, My Brother and Me 122: In Your Tarzan Boy


We put our hard-nosed political reporting skills to the test in this week's episode, as we uncover one of the biggest voter fraud conspiracies in our nation's history. We DEMAND justice.

Suggested talking points: Rock the Vote or Die, What do you Think, Water Intake, Hipster Whoopi, Baby Ducked, Extra Meatus, Watch Advice, Student Body



This show has remained consistently fantastic. Thank you!

3rd party voting.

The whole bit that you lead the podcast with, the one where you call 3rd party voters idiots & tell them that they're shooting their vote into the sun bummed me out. Whatever, I guess. Thanks for all the great podcasts. Hoping 122 gets better.

Re: 3rd party voting.

It is a comedy podcast. Sometimes they make jokes.

Third-party voters set themselves up by being so defensive.

Great Show

Hey Brothers...

Really njoy your show...all the way from South Africa.