My Brother, My Brother and Me 124: This is Our Rumours

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Happy Max Fun Day, everyone! To celebrate today's most-special of holidays, we've created our most Fleetwood Mac-est episode yet. We just know you're gonna love it.

Suggested talking points: Second Hand News, Dreams, Never Going Back Again, Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way, Songbird, The Chain, You Make Loving Fun, I Don't Want to Know, Oh Daddy, Gold Dust Woman


New to the webcast!

Hey dudes - I'm new to your webcast (this is the second episode I've caught, after being encouraged by a friend to check it out), but I just wanted to comment and say that as a member of a triumvirate of brothers myself, listening to your banter is like going home again. My brothers and I have so much fun going on about random shit when we're together and listening to you three is tremendous fun. Strangely enough, we're also all on the internet, but not yet united under the banner of a single project. Anyway, your mention of web comics toward the end of this episode got me to thinking you might get a kick out of checking in on another set of brothers' online endeavors, one of which happens to be a comedic web comic starring a sloth.

My brother:
My brother:
And me:

Enjoy and thanks for a great show! It's been emotional.