My Brother, My Brother and Me 125: Tuggies


We know that this particular episode may seem directionless, even more so than the typical MBMBaM experience. To that criticism, we would respond: Not all who wander are lost. Yeah? Think about that, critic guy.

Suggested talking points: Penthouse to Basement, Ghost Combos, Splitting Tips, Woodcock, Flying Knife, Usher's Advocate


Hate to be a nerd about this but...

Inflation from 1994-today has been extremely low as compared with historical standards. During economic recessions inflation tends to slow down - a slow rate of inflation is not at all a good thing most of the time. The only time in that period where inflation was significantly higher than the historical average was the late 90's, when unemployment was REALLY low. 1994 was about as long from today as 1982 was from 1968 - take a look at the real value of the dollar from that period, its MUCH more than 50%.


Keep up the good work brothers!

poopin on bananas

the only way I know how to spell banana is the song from the 90's and I turn poop in to grass hoppers