My Brother, My Brother and Me 133: Candlenights the IIIrd


As with past installments in our annual Candlenights spectacular, we've managed to talk to one another for an entire hour without cursing, so it's good to share with the fam. Well, we actually cursed a lot. But we edited that out.

Suggested talking points: Holiday MagiQuest, A Collander of DVDs, The Buckiverse, Frosty the Homunculus I Made Out of Wet Sand, Book in a Sock, Two Turntables, Tim Curry's Pokemon Treats


Your Turntable Recommandation

Oh my sweet baby Jesus, how could you possibly recommend that somebody get a Crosley brand turntable? I'm not an expert on turntables myself, but the one thing I know is that Crosleys not only sound bad, but they have also been known to ruin people's records. The right thing to do for a turntable is to go vintage.


Hey guys, excellent episode as always, but as a record owner I have to dissent-dont get a crosley. Buy a cheap sony or audio technica and an affordable reciever and speaker set. Or find a vintage combo unit. Crosleys are wortg it only if you want something that looks vintagey and aren't concerned about sound quality. Expect to drop at least 100 bucks on a turntable, then you'll need to add speakers and a receiver. I know I'm being elitist but at the end of the day the reason to listen to records is for the sound quality and you won't experience the difference with a crosley or really any all-in-one like it.