My Brother, My Brother and Me 141: Dan the Man with the Flan Plan


We made a podcast for you! Sure, it's got some rough edges, and is made of macaroni, and is not a podcast at all but rather a piece of macaroni art. But still, a LOT of love went into it.

Suggested talking points: Favorite Oscars, Squatting, iButt, Dansexual, Big City Livin', Hot Topic Apocalypse



I listened to this podcast with 2 new coworkers, and they both began diving into the archives. Also, a third character is now known as Dan The Man With The Flan Plan and doesn't know why I keep mentioning that it smells like flan whenever he walks into the room. So thanks guys!

Link to Shield Info?

Could we get a link to the Shield Movement in the show notes so people can find out more...I'm too lazy to google.

EFF link

dear brothers

So there I was, suffering, right? Terrible day. Nothing going right. I collapsed into bed and turned on your podcast. And then those sweet McElroy voices hit my ears and sent genuine advice leaking out of every orifice. Thank you sirs.