My Brother, My Brother and Me 143: Daniel Day Nutchuckles

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It may be Daylight Savings Time, but we wouldn't recommend skipping this particular hour of comedy. Also, we are very tired, and are going back to bed. Enjoy the show.

Suggested talking points: How Was the Dick For You?, A Falcon Attack at Your Wedding, America's Serious Home Videos, Daniel Day Nutchuckles, Get out of here Columbo, A Penis Pump that Plays Chris Gaines, You're the man now dog, Dude, you're getting Adele tickets.


Well, not just time right?

Well, not just time right? All measurements. All measurements! Money, fff…money, fuckin’… it’s a… it’s a, you know?

Ugh, man! ‘The man’, right? Like business and politics and like...Wall Street’s not looking out for me. And my bank…no thank! You? My bank! I don’t want it.

You know what I'm sot…talking about? Like savings and loans.