My Brother, My Brother and Me 174: Starbucks Castle Doctrine

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We're back! All three of us are back! We had a rough patch there, but don't worry -- your podcast flow isn't gonna be interrupted by any pesky wedding rituals for like, three weeks or so.

Suggested talking points: Eatotron, The Ron Paul Extranet, Shoplifting, Tick Tock Barber Shop, Guy Fieri's Rat Fans, Herald Lover, Stealing Channing Tatum


Loss Prevention/ Shoplifting

Love the podcast guys but I had to comment on the shoplifting ideals that Griffin has. I've been working in the LP field for 11 years and have to drop some knowledge on the brothers McElroy. Yes Best Buy may not be able to go "hands on" as we call it but the company I work for as well as several others are "hands on". Not to sound like a bad ass but we have put people in hospitals for shoplifting due to them resisting arrest and have been justified for doing so. Some shoplifters are violent so we have a "force on force" policy that we use in order to control the situation. No offense but Best Buy is a joke in the LP world and I've seen their LP get knocked unconscious for trying to stop people from stealing and the good thieves know that they can't touch them. Just didn't want to see the baby bro get hurt...I'd like to think that Griffin wouldn't do that anyway but didn't want our young minds out there getting it twisted. So bottom line steal whatever the hell you want from Best Buy as long as you can out run the cops.