My Brother, My Brother and Me 175: Torsey


Happy birthday to all three brothers, because all three of them definitely have the same birthday, because really, what kind of parent would give two of their kids the same birthday and then leave the third one out in the cold? CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE PARENTS THAT CRUEL?

Suggested talking points: Birthdaze, Martins and Sheens, Curse Squad, Online Publishing, Shoplifting Update, Horse Fuzzy, Candy Crime, Subway Hacks


First Timer

This was the first episode I ever listened to, just moments ago, and the Torsey section had me laughing as hard as the one brother I don't know the name of yet because you all sound the same. Did I start with the wrong episode? Are my expectations now too high? Time will tell....

kittens in mason jars

Thanks boys! Top of your game this week - I lost it over the Torsey bit. Here's a website about kittens in mason jars -