My Brother, My Brother and Me 198: The Soul Furnace


Sorry so late! Sorry so sloppy. Love you like a sister.

Suggested talking points: April Flowers, Clooney Patreon, The Littlest Detective, New Swears, Gorilla vs. Lion, Jesus Comedy Clinic, Caesar's Last Breath


"A Person On A Horse Is The

"A Person On A Horse Is The Tallest Thing Ever." -- Justin McElroy

also Horses are held up by "Hooves and stems."


Swearing Parent

I loved your discussion about swearing with kids. I have a four and a half year old, and made the decision early on that censoring myself was a losing fucking battle. However, I have taught my kid that there are "adult words" (like "insurance" and "shit") and kid words (anything else that doesn't make me look like a terrible parent), and for the most part, that's worked pretty well. We'll see how kindergarten goes.

And I'm not gonna of my favorite parenting moments was in the car with my kid, when he properly used the word "fuckstick" in relation to another driver. :)