My Brother, My Brother and Me 199: Cool Pee Book


This episode features a higher-than-average amount of discussion of today's hit television shows, like Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Family Matters. Did you guys know Family Matters lost its GD mind there, towards the end? Because it did, in a big, big way.

Suggested talking points: Hoochie Haymaker, Chili's Magic Carpet, Colton Stile Guy, Somebody Get In Here and Pee on Wolf Blitzer, Dragon Questions, Family Matters Finale, Make Good Choices, Fearless Newsman


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I am daily visit this site and read your book. Because i like your all stories..

200th Episode

I don't know what you'll do for it, but I wouldn't be surprised if Griffin is cantankerous, you goof on Applebee's, and talk way too much about horses.

Between Orb and Shnowden,

Between Orb and Shnowden, this is the ultimate callback episode