My Brother, My Brother and Me 206: Hodor Hoarders


Happy Solstice, everybody! Oh, don't worry - we definitely know what the solstice is. And like, its significance, and its observations and ... just like, all the things about the solstice.

Suggested talking points: Solstice, Pump Island, Marry a Billy Joel, Old Friend Management, Dank VelJohnson, Travis' Special Underwear


Please fix this MP3 file.

This file only has the first couple of minutes of the episode. Please add the correct file. I look forward to listening to it.


Thank you thank you THANK YOU for finally saying something about NatureBox's annoying-slash-scientifically-illiterate anti-GMO thing, guys.

this one is broken

the file is tiny and it doesn't contain the whole episode please fix it