My Brother, My Brother and Me 210: Yippee Ki-yay, Holy Father

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We're delighted to welcome author, goat-nurturer and all-around swell human being Elizabeth Gilbert to the show this week. Join us for an erudite discussion on creativity, followed by an even more erudite discussion of Mecha-Alan Rickman's battle capabilities.

Suggested talking points: Car Seats, From the Diaphragm, Wanged on that Nude, Grappling Hook Fitness, B-Sides, A Wax-Covered Rat, Business Pajamas, Life Critic, The Ultimate Battle


Swiped two Elizabeth Gilbert quotes

Late to the party, but I just started listening to the show. I swiped two of Elizabeth Gilbert's more profound moments to share with other writers on my site:
Gave you guys a link back, the rest of the show was hilarious, but there are a few great serious moments in there, too.
Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod