My Brother, My Brother and Me 51: Real Talk Live: Face 2 Face


It's MBMBaM's first live show ever -- and man, what a way to start our on-stage career! Not because we did a particularly good job, but because we very nearly talked about child pornography for a few minutes. We grabbed that bull right by the horns, and we stared at its eyes, and we said, "No, we probably shouldn't talk about child pornography. That's illegal."

Thanks to Jordan, Jesse Go for setting up such a special, intimate night, Dan Telfer for his special, intimate hosting, and every single person who came out to Second City for the show! You guys are, as ever, the cat's 'jamas.


Well done

Great live show guys. You're all absolutely hilarious... no stage fright nor papa McElroy sensoring. I listened to you guys and then went on to Jordan, Jesse, Go and realized that you guys completely out performed them. Keep it up brothers.


best episode yet. this'll be the one i get my friends to listen to to get them hooked on this podcast.


Funny stuff, enjoyed it a lot. My only criticism is aimed at the most important part of the 'cast, the sound. It shifts in and out of focus with some of you sounding between incredibly quiet and obnoxiously loud at times.

Great Job, Guys.