My Brother, My Brother and Me 55: Spaghettageddon


We did another episode together in the same room, sitting on the same couch. We're very sorry about the slight dip in sound quality that comes as a result, but we do not apologize for the weird, weird things we say due to our proximity. See you guys at Pasta Party 2012!

Suggested talking points: Destination Wedding, Ally McBathroom, A Frame for Fame, The Gym Ruiner, French Science/British Crime, The Pussycat Discography, The Book of Robots, Sister Sister, The Shrek Ending, Violet Bonergard



His "number one film crush" was 13/14 when that movie was filmed.

That couldn't be creepier.

"Destination" wedding

1) Destination weddings are dumb. Don't make everyone go on your honeymoon with you.
2) Spouses are a unit for the purposes of social engagements. You can't invite just one member of an established couple.
3) If you can't afford to invite the people you need to invite, scale down the event so you can afford to invite the people you need to invite.

--Marc in Paris


This semolina fueled episode may be the best episode since peepums nastygum! Great one!