My Brother, My Brother and Me 60: Discretion for Miles

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We've wished our father a Happy Father's Day the only way we know how: By making him proud of the things we say in our audio podcast. We probably should have asked him whether discussions about Hitler's ghost are the kind of thing that made him proud.

Suggested talking points: DickTwit, Hanging Out, Taco Bell Practicality, Hitler King vs. TMNChurchill, Dylan's BBGear, Tag It, Perfect Ponies, Pudcast, Pawnties, Grandpa Foot Fetish


Bra and Panties vs Thumbs and Fingers

I have a comment about bra and panties aka the Underwear discussion.

Don't women say "I have matching underwear on" or people say "Make sure you have matching underwear on just in case you are hit by a bus" stuff like that.

I think it's kind of like how thumbs are fingers but fingers aren't thumbs. You can say that both bras and panties are underwear but a bra isn't underwear separately.

Does that make sense?