My Brother, My Brother and Me 61: Steak'em and Tubes


There are a lot of important, history-making events going on around this big, blue world of ours, and we'll be entirely damned if we're going to talk about any of them. No, instead we're talking about much more topical things, like if the Matrix is real.

Suggested talking points: Steaker's Dozen, Slarshed and Dumpst', Not Like This, Electric Neil, Love and Dentistry, The Cap'n and The Gorilla, Hip-Hop Steamboat, President Haggar


Has Travis finally snapped

Has Travis finally snapped and killed the other two? When's the new episode coming out??

Gotta have my MBMBAM fix, it helps me get all my work done. NEW 'SODE PLEASE!


I'm listening now. Did you guys give me advice? I will know in the next hour.