My Brother, My Brother and Me 68: Never Stop Dancing

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We realize that today's going to be fairly rough on the more youthful portion of our audience, as they'll be forced to march back to the confines of their educational prisons for nine more brutal months. We feel you, friends -- and that's why this week's episode is geared to help you deal with your back-to-school anguish.

Suggested talking points: Get Fit, Chess Team Cabal, The Dean's Couch, Cello Man, Dumb Things Justin Did in College, Figure 8, Kiss Flower, Seven Stars, Sexual Ed, Cursing Cursive



I am sad (not really) to say, that in this weeks show, sweet baby Griffin made a great big oversight!

he said that it was impossible to dance and cry at the same time and this immediately sprung to mind. I know twin peaks has been mentioned on the show in the relatively near past (although looking back im pretty sure it was Justin who mentioned it

and in the same episode he brags about being a trivia buff because of what he remembers about billy madison

i say this with no animosity (maybe a little bit of nerd indignance), just with the enthusiasm of a schoolboy who cannot raise his hand hard enough. Feel free to punch me in gym class

now pardon me while i blow the steam off the tips of these SIXGUNS