My Brother, My Brother and Me 79: Who Guginoed?


This week, the McElroy brothers are celebrating their own birthdays. All three of them. They were all born on the same day, because their parents would never do something so cruel as to leave one of them out of shared birthday festivities.

Suggested talking points: Birthdaze, Trivia Stragglers, Itchy Secrets, Lump Sums, Heart's Desire, Five Minutes of Seaman Humor, Purest Truesilver, Goof Ya to Sleep


NYC Show Dec. 10 or 11th?

Could you make it an NYC show this december 10th or 11th? It is my birthday weekend! Yes, you don't know me and yes, this is kind of creepster, but when you said the 10 and 11th I almost flew out of the drivers seat with excitement that you might do a live show here in NYC. I can give you places to do the show and places to get yer party liquor on!! I have been a faithful listener since my best friend brought me the good word at the beginning of the summer and have many times almost crashed my car due too fits of laughter. If I was on the twitter I'd prolly tweet the shit out of y'all but I am left to just telling every person around me about the show. Please please please come to NYC for the live show!!

Canadian Strippers

FYI: Strippers in Canada DO accept coins; people leave them on the stage usually, and someone sweeps them up at the end of the show.

Sometimes strippers will make a loop of the stage with a bucket, and treat it like a (naked) carney game where you try to toss a loonie into the bucket. Kind of like the little-person stripper sommeone mentioned this week. I don't know what you win if you get the loonie in the bucket; shame, I guess? I'm going to go with shame.