My Brother, My Brother and Me: The Adventure Zone


Okay, so. Justin's on paternity leave. (Yay, Justin!) That means we're going to be doing some ... experimental stuff up in MBMBaM. Like, for instance, instead of doing the whole advice thing, we played Dungeons and Dragons and recorded it.

Suggested talking points: The Hero Birthing Process, The Inventor of Fantasy Tex-Mex, Gnomish Craigslist, Dead Horses, Murder Dance, Flushing the Toilet Cave


Natural 20

Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. i really hope you make some more D&D episodes as you crit'ed this one!

Bloody brilliant,

I listen to these guys every time I am at work. Makes the shitty hours breeze by fast. Also inspired me to DM and group my friends together to make our own adventures. Seriously thanks guys.

Love the adventure zone!

Love your guys D and D adventure. Reminds me of me and my buddy's playing. Keep it up! All hail Takko!

Fun D&D

Even though these bros don't play D&D with normal rules (Using wrong DCs for different things), but it doesn't even matter because it's more of a comedy show than a D&D podcast.
Jack L.S.

Love to hear your D&D!

Please continue doing D&D! You also make 5th ed. seem accessible and it's a great way for a new listener to be introduced to your family. You have a great pace, and good storyline.
Hopefully you have fun doing it, because I hope to hear much more!


Please make this a regular thing!

For real, loved it!

I was unsure, as a regular MBMBAM listener and someone who knows pretty much nothing about D&D, how much I would like this one. But my son (who is 11 and would like to play D&D but doesn't have anyone to learn from) and I listened together. We had a great time learning how the game works and listening to some super funny adventuring. I really want to hear more of these, please!

Same as below

Just catching up on this episode and I need to lend my voice to the nameless masses. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Long time listener, never commented before, never played D&D (or even really understood it). Now I want to play, and I want to hear more from this marauding band of mis-adventurers.

Gimme nao says the internet. Thank you!!!

Absolutely loved this one.

Absolutely loved this one. Please make more


Keep This Dungeon Train a'Rolling

This, right here? This is the business. I would listen to many, many more of theses.

More please...

MOAR!!! please. Sooner rather than later.

So choice

Oh man, please do more

Surprise!: I guess I like D&D

Man, I did not think I was gonna like this episode, but it was one of my favorites. Where's part two. You can't just leave us clinging to a wall in a toilet cave, waiting for an exciting conclusion!


This is fantastic, I love MBMBAM, and this is a great addition to your show. It'd be really great to have a guest star on different episodes too! Really great to hear all of you in another setting, and to hear your dad too! Please continue doing this, I love it!

Loved it, more D&D please, don't leave us hanging!

Loved this episode, long term MBMBAM listener here and having never played (or listened to) D&D before, this was a really great way of getting to know what it's all about.

More please, we need to know what those sneaky goblins are up to in dem dank, dark holes!


Jesse Thorn as dungeon

Jesse Thorn as dungeon master!


Got turned on to MBMBAM via the Joystiq Podcast; been a devotee ever since. One could survive in a vacuum off of this. Please make it a regular thing.

Thank you.

D&D episode

I've listened to MBMBAM since the beginning and have never posted a comment. I have to post a comment after listening to the most recent episode.This episode is the best thing I've ever heard on a podcast. Please, please, please make this a regular thing. I love hearing your father in this episode. Please make sure he is included in your game. Please. Thank you.




I've listened to every episode of MBMBAM and enjoyed them all, but this was a whole new level of great. I hope you guys can find the time and resources to continue to do this on a regular basis. Thanks for the years of laughs.

2 Dope 2 Cope

I love MBMBAM but never bother to leave comments, however now I think it's necessary. This episode is too good. I would say you should definitely make more but I don't want the government to abduct you and use your parts for research in nano-coolbotics. Your father's the best addition since orb strolled up.

Spin off The Adventure Zone!

My Brother, My Brother and Me is already an amazing podcast, but The Adventure Zone brought it to a new level! Father McElroy is a wonderful addition, and the brothers really step up!

I can only hope The Adventure Zone gets spun off as a monthly cast (or weekly)!

More please

This was so amazing. I have never played D&D, but it got me really excited to try it! Please, please pleeaaase keep making D&D episodes. I'll listen to all of them.


Adventure zone is dope, keep it up.

this was incredible

please make more

this was incredible

please make more

Dungeons and Dragons... What!!?

That was great! You guys should totally do that regularly! Goblin... I love it!!

Amazing Episode

I have been listening to your show for almost a year now. I found it after SYMiHC gave Sawbones a nod. Your show was already amazing but this episode was amazing. It was chock full of inside jokes that people who play table top RPGs will remember and love. Between Justin's frustration at the pace and Travis possibly changing his dice rolls, its easy to get lost in the drama that is table top RPG's. I have sent links for this episode to all of my weekly BRP members and my wife and I have already listened to it twice and died laughing both times. Keep it up, we would love to hear more.

PS, we use a website called that is designed to be a tabletop hosting website. They offer video streaming, chatboards, maps, and simple to use dice buttons that allow everyone to see the dice rolls. Also Travis, I know the pace at which tabletop games go but I am secretly hoping that the group of travelling adventurers will one stumble across a civil war between unicorns and talking horses. It just wouldn't be MBMBaM with out talking horse using their talking abilty to trash talk unicorns.


Great show

I really enjoyed this, and I usually scorn D&D or tabletop gaming. Much more fun than any time I've played it!

I just wish it had been called My Dungeon, My Dragon, and Me.

You have successfully

You have successfully enchanted this podcast in to a +1 podcast of happy feels. You are kicking ass at DMing Griffin, your Dad is amazing at D&D, and your camaraderie is amazing as always.

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I would love to have a weekly MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER & D&D podcast! Please do more D&D-session recordings! This episode exemplifies everything hilarious and fun about tabletop RPGs. Veteran players and the uninitiated can both enjoy this 20th-level form of entertainment. A friend of mine texted me after listening to the episode, "I understand why you love D&D now."

This is the culmination of my

This is the culmination of my (podcast listening) life. Griffin had been dropping comments about a D&D podcast for a few episodes of MBMBaM and Besties, but I hadn't really allowed myself to believe that it might be true.

More, please.

What music is that?

Hey, what's that D&D-psyche theme music you guys played during this episode?
I want to use it for my own D&D sessions.

Agreed! I was really digging

Agreed! I was really digging the intro/outro music.

Yes! If anyone can figure it

Yes! If anyone can figure it out, please post!


Through using Shazam I figured out it is Mort Garson ( ATARAXIA might be the band name he was using at the time? Also check out his album PLATASIA. There's a bunch of his work on YouTube, but it's pretty spare. Still, it's awesomely perfect RPG background music.