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Lively Discussion Forum


You know that lively discussion forum I often plug on the air?

It really exists! Like in the ancient Egyptian salons where Mao Zedong's People's Revolution was fomented, all kinds of fascinating topics are under discussion.


Guest Ideas for a Bay Area show

The Awesomeness That Is The Wire

Improv Everywhere's 2008 No Pants Subway Ride

No Country for Old Men: "Great" v. "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

Soul Music Recommendations

Recommend a Blog

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Podcast: Burn to Shine with Brendan Canty


This week, we talk with Brendan Canty. He's best known as the drummer for the punk rock band Fugazi, but he's also made his name as a record and film producer. We talk about his high concept music DVD series "Burn to Shine." Each DVD features a group of bands representing a regional rock scene, each of which play a song in a house that's slated to be burned down by the fire department. Brendan says he hopes each DVD captures a moment in the music scene of a certain place.

We also talk about how Brendan feels about making a new career after 17 years with Fugazi, and about being a rock & roll dad.

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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Ike & Tina


RIP to one of the men who invented Rock & Roll and made immeasurable contributions to making soul music BAAAAAAAD.

And thank God we've still got Tina, kicking out the fucking jams as above. She may match James Brown in my book for greatest music performer of the 20th Century. Wow! Above she's singing "River Deep, Mountain High," which was produced by Phil Spector and discussed on our Phil Spector episode.

Below, check out Tina's fucking dance moves. Holy shit. And listen to Ike rip into that guitar.

Messages from our troops


Our Troops Send Holiday Wishes For Peace, Goodwill, And Body Armor

This might be the best Onion video piece yet. Wow is this funny.

Podcast: JJGo Ep. 47: The Groomsmen


This week on the show Jesse asks his friends to be Groomsmen at his upcoming wedding - do they all accept? It's the "Battle of the Animals" semi-final, Hippo vs. Bear. Find out who won.

* What should Jesse and his friends do for his bachelor party?
* Suggestions for a honeymoon destination for Jesse and Theresa.
* It's the 2nd semi-final of the battle of the animals. It's Ape vs. Giraffe, get voting!


* Review the show on iTunes.
* Do you have a dispute Judge John Hodgman can solve on a future broadcast? Email it to us! Put Judge John in the subject line.
* Have personal questions for Jesse and Jordan? Call 206-984-4FUN and tell us what they are!
* Does It Hold Up? JJGo's new action item!! Tell us about the things you liked in your youth that are still entertaining in 2007! Call 206-984-4FUN!
* Would you like to play Would You Rather with us on a future episode? Email us or give us a call at 206-984-4FUN.

Call 206-984-4FUN to share your thoughts on these ACTION ITEMS.

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Our theme music: "Love You" by The Free Design, courtesy of The Free Design and Light in the Attic Records

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: High and Low.


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Clasics.

On this week’s show High and Low, there's an exploration of the differences in high and low art. Louis CK and Chip Lord are guests plus there’s music from Elephant Larry.

Louis CK has performed his stand-up comedy on shows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel Live. His writing credits include Late Show with David Letterman, The Dana Carvey show and the Chris Rock Show. He has also written several short films and feature-lengths – most notably “Pootie Tang”. When he spoke to TSOYA in this Classic episode from 2005, Louis spoke about his upcoming HBO series “Lucky Louie”.

The Ant Farm was a group radical architects who were also video, performance and installation artists. They were founded in 1968 by Chip Lord and Doug Michels. Along with their early inflatable structures, the group was also known for spectacular performance events like "Media Burn" (1975), for which Ant Farm members dressed up like astronauts and sped a customized Cadillac El Dorado through a pyramid of burning televisions. Chip Lord talks about their history.

There’s also a musical treat from the New York sketch comedy group Elephant Larry.

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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Podcast: Chris Hardwick of Hard N Phirm and Wired Science


Chris plays science with The Office's Rainn Wilson

Chris Hardwick started his television career as a pre-teen bowler, touring talk shows like "Mike Douglas," where he bowled against Jimmie Walker. He came to national prominence while still in college as the host of MTV's Singled Out. He's since forged a career as a comedian and comic singer-songwriter with his partner Mike Phirman as Hard N Phirm. Most recently, he's been co-host of the PBS series Wired Science.

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Judge John Hodgman Renders Judgement

| 1 comment

Judge John Hodgman was due to render a decision in the upcoming episode of Jordan, Jesse GO!, but because of severe illness, explained below, he has chosen to issue a written rather than oral decision.

Ilia writes in:
Do my boyfriend and I have an obligation to let his mother, brother, and two small yappy dogs stay at our (600 sq. ft.) place during the holidays?

Boyfriend says yes but a few Christmas' ago when we let them and their dogs stay one of her dogs was senile, had no teeth, and wore a diaper and when I tried to change it she tried to bite me. I say get a hotel.

Judge Hodgman responds:

First, let me apologize for not being able to provide you with a live answer, but I am very sick. I have lymph and blood draining from my left ear due to an infection. (How are you?)

But do not be concerned about my lymph and blood loss. Even with a low-lymph supply, I am able to quickly and fairly render judgment.

From an ethical point of view: you are not required to house your boyfriend's menagerie of relations and their dogs, no matter how small and yappy they all may be. This is, of course, a standard and accepted obligation of marriage. But you are not married: you are merely living in sin. If he wants to force his family on you for the holidays, I say he can come up with a ring first.

From a practical point of view, you may still be tempted to offer them lodging, insofar as it is the nice thing to do and will keep the peace between you, your boyfriend, and his family. But this is only putting a diaper on a dying, senile dog, as we say in Hollywood. It is a matter of physics, not of opinion: 600 square feet is not enough to house you all.

It may suit your boyfriend to deny this reality in order to avoid conflict with his own mother; but it is your job as his life companion and sinful co-habitant to help him grow up and explain to his family what any sane adult could see: five sane adults and two dogs cannot share such a space comfortably.

If THEY resist this logic, you will know that they are insane, but I suspect you know this already. Under no circumstances are you required to house insane people--unless you are married.

But never mind the ethical and practical implications: what's the classy thing to do? I'd suggest apologizing for not being able to accommodate them and then buying them two rooms in a clean, dog friendly, inexpensive hotel or motel nearby. It may hurt to spend that kind of money, but consider the cost of doing business as a sane, unmarried adult.

That is all.

This is NOW, not A LONG TIME AGO!

| 1 comment

From a recent UCB Newsletter:

Top 5 Things That Have Got to Stop!
by tell-it-like-it-is road comic Jerry O'Hearn (Andy Daly)

1. Guys who come up to you and tell you "hey, this is how it is." Really? Excuse me, but I thought it was NOW, not a long time ago!
2. People who go out of the house looking just unbelievable! Hey pal, somebody called, they want their thing back!
3. This idiot who's always up to the same bullshit. Hey, I got an idea - get your act together!
4. Whoever invented that thing everybody's doing these days. I'd like to get my hands on that guy!
5. Those types of places.

(thanks Carol!)

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