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Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Ep. 20: Sadness, etc.


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we discuss our joys and sadnesses.

Jesse and Jordan are on a marina. We address the fact that a listener named Mika thought a "beer koozie" was a jacuzzi full of beer. Also: Jordan wants to get a massage, but he's worried he'll accidentally go to a handjob store.
Elderly Greeks
Jordan attended his house-mate Lauren's grand-Uncle's 80th birthday. Children insulted the uncle. Jordan is worried that the more comedy he does, the less he is able to directly experience life -- he just sees everything as comedy fodder.
A Drinking Game?
What would be the rules of a JJGO or TSOYA drinking game?

Puppies, Etc

Jesse's girlfriend Theresa has hormones which are starting to demand children. So they are thinking about getting a dog instead.

Guy Quits His Job
Our new thing is celebrating important moments in your life with you. A guy called in immediately after quitting his job, which he hated.


* Should we have Rutger Hauer on JJGO? If so: what should we do with him?
* If you're creative, do you see everything through that lens? Does it intrude on your direct experience of life?
* Have a rule for the JJGO drinking game?
* Should Jordan join Crunch fitness, and where can he get a massage that won't turn into a handjob?


"Doo Doo Doo Doo" by The Screaming Eagles from "Enemy Gold" (Thanks, Dave!)


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Maximum Fun Meetup!


A few people were camera shy, but here's a bunch of folks from the Maximum Fun meetup!

Bjork: The Earth Intruders (Prod. Timbaland)


New Bjork album = new crazy-ass videos!

Directed by Michael Ocelot, produced by Timbaland

Via Nick Adams, (sometimes known as Black Fan of Bjork)

Mike Daisey Follow-Up...


I just got an email from our friend Mike Daisey. Turns out, by coincidence, that they were taping the show the night of the walk-out. Above, you can see what happened -- apparently they were objecting to the word "fuck" being said in front of high-school students? Hard to tell, because none of them will talk to Mike as they file out of the theater.

In the video above, you can see not only the walk-out, but Mike's perplexity, then anger, then regrouping. As a special bonus, you can see a bit of Mike's great show.

Note to protesters: this was a shitty protest.

(Post-action report on our blog here, Mike's description here).

Dick Cavett & Eddie Murphy - BFF

| 1 comment

These guys are best pals of all time. Deee-lightful.

David Letterman can barely get a word in edge-wise.

Dan Grayson Rocks Canoga Park Sunday

| 1 comment

Long, long, long-time Sound of Young America friend Dan Grayson, writer-performer (not to mention producer and engineer) of our theme song, Maximum Fun, has the debut show of a new project Sunday in Los Angeles.

Dan's played in a variety of bands around LA, but for the past year or so, he's been furiously working on something called "Yes Means Yes." It's sort of a solo record, sort of a song suite, sort of a band, sort of an art project. In performance, Dan will be accompanied by some sort of complex computer music setup, a bevy of visual art, some sound-sensitive lightboxes he built from scratch, and some other stuff. He sees it as an inter-media operation. He'll be opening for his former band, The Karabal Nightlife, which is fronted by the prodigiously talented guitarist Jesse Davis, who we also knew in college.

Anyway, the club's The Verity Room, 7503 Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Canoga Park. Show's at 8, Dan's up first.

Mike Daisey show interrupted by anti-art terrorists...


You may remember monologuist Mike Daisey from our live show in New York City late last year, when he told an amazing story about his childhood in Maine. Mike is an extremely nice guy, a gifted performer, and a thoughtful man. Last night, his show was interrupted by a choreographed mass walkout.

I'm still dealing with all the ramifications, but here's what it felt like from my end: I am performing the show to a packed house, when suddenly the lights start coming up in the house as a flood of people start walking down the aisles--they looked like a flock of birds who'd been startled, the way they all moved so quickly, and at the same was shocking, to see them surging down the aisles. The show halted as they fled, and at this moment a member of their group strode up to the table, stood looking down on me and poured water all over the outline, drenching everything in a kind of anti-baptism.

Here's his full description of the events.

If you live in the Boston area, I think the best way to respond to this kind of madness is to go to his show. If you're on the fence, try reading this rapturous review in the Boston Globe. Mike will be at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge through May 8th. It's worth your time.

Podcast: Steven Wright


Steven Wright is a standup comedy legend. He's also an Academy Award winner, and is well known for playing, well, Steven Wright-like guys in films like Reservoir Dogs, Half Baked and Babe: Pig in the City.

His new comedy special "When the Leaves Blow Away" is about to be released on DVD -- it's his first special in 15 years.

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Big Things at BET


Reginald Hudlin, who directed films like Boomerang and House Party before becoming a TV executive, has promised to expand dramatically the pallette of programming on BET. Some people were a bit suspicious of this promise. (I'm referring specifically to everyone who has ever watched BET).

The network unveiled their lineup for next season, though, and from the looks of it, he's really following through. Among the offerings are an animated sketch series from Orlando Jones and Ali LeRoi, a sitcom about post-college malaise called "Somebodies," adapted from the indie film of the same name, and a reality show about rich black kids called "Baldwin Hills."

Not everything looks great on paper, but what it does look like is a genuine commitment to representing much more of the black experience -- not just rappers in the ghetto or wholesome grandmothers on Soul Food: The Series. I think it'd be tough to overstate how signficant that is.

Just think: a show about SLACKERS who are BLACK! If that doesn't warm your heart, I dunno what will.

Trae f. Z-Ro - No Help


I have lots of CDs in my car (OK, I have lots of CDs in my girlfriend's car), but the ones I keep reaching for are Trae and Z-Ro. And here they are together on one of my favorite cuts on Trae's record.

Am I a sad person? Maybe. When I'm driving, anyway.

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