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This American Life: Live in Movie Theaters


I've known about this burgeoning plan for some time, but was sworn to secrecy. Now that it's public, I can finally scream it out loud: THIS AMERICAN LIFE LIVE IN THEATERS!

Ira & Co will be doing a live show, Q&A and screening of an upcoming episode of the TV show live in a theater in New York City. That show will be broadcast around the country via satellite, and you'll be able to buy a movie ticket in select cities and watch the whole thing live. The Metropolitan Opera has been doing this very succesfully for some time, and Prince has done some concerts this way... the whole thing is really neat.

I'd love to

Live and in your face!

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If you haven't stopped by the Live page lately, we've got some really kick-ass "Sound of Young America Presents" shows coming up in the next week or so.

In New York:

Brooklyn Vegan & Klaus Kinski present Rock & ROFL is Monday night at Piano's. From 8-9, there's awesome comedy, including our pal Will Franken and lots of great NYC comics. From 9-12, there's awesome music... we can't give away the lineup, but there's a super-secret guest on the music side who's a past TSOYA guest. If you don't know who it might be, pick up a tiny telephone and call a friend who loves indie rock for a hint.

The Variety SHAC is April 3rd at the UCBNY. This is an awesome monthly comedy and music show from four really talented New Yorkers: Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, and Chelsea Peretti. They always have amazing guests, to boot. If you haven't been charmed and laugh-ified by these ladies yet, you soon will.

And this Thursday night in San Francisco, Club Chuckles is at the Hemlock Tavern. Prank the Dean has played this show before, and it's an amazing showcase for alternative comedy and funny and outrageous music. This month, you can see TSOYA favorite Brent Weinbach recording his CD, and hear music/performance from Dynasty Handbag. The show's producer told me he wants the place jammed for both shows (early and late!), so he's only charging five bucks(!) to get in. Very worth your time.

Go! Enjoy yourselves! With our blessing!

Pig in the City


Scott Tobias of the AV Club has a thoughtful and informative piece in the AV Club this week about one of my all-time favorite films, "Babe: Pig in the City."

"Pig in the City" is a lot like "The Wire," in that it's about flawed but mostly virtuous characters trapped in a world that seems to conspire against them -- and that forces them to conspire against each other. Unlike "The Wire," which has often been compared by its creator David Simon to a Greek tragedy, where the characters' sense of agency is completely illusory, "Pig in the City" is a hopeful story. Because Babe believes in virtue and in the power of behaving virtuously, he's able to overcome circumstance and bring together all of the scared, trod-upon animals in the Big City. And they win. They remain flawed, but by believing in themselves and each other and most importantly in being good, they win. And I cry every time and am inspired every time I watch the film.

Also: it is not too scary for children, who face the same problems every day and could really use the example that Babe offers. I know that both of my brothers -- who were about 10 and 4 when the film came out -- grew up loving this film and watching and rewatching it.

Wonderful, wonderful movie.

Tina Fey


Tina Fey didn't actually say anything bad about Jon Stewart or male comedians in her interview in fucking READERS DIGEST, so let's give it a fucking rest, OK internet? Jeebus.

Barack Obama-sistible

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I'm not here to endorse candidates, but I will say that Jon Glaser and Detroit Octane have convinced me of ONE candidates "Barack Obama-sistibility."

Above: the music video that's sweeping the nation. Below: the making of.

Maximum Fun T-Shirt contest!


Hey gang...

The second Maximum Fun Drive is six weeks or so away, and I want to have a special thank-you gift for people who support the show. Since our regular TSOYA t-shirts, while awesome, have been available for some time, I thought I'd put together a contest to find a design for a special, one-print-run shirt specifically for the drive.

To do this, I'll be using a neat site called Pixish. Here's how it works...

If you're a designer, well, make a design. Then post it to Pixish.

If you're not a designer, visit the Pixish page and give a thumbs up or down to the shirts that have been submitted.

The top five vote-getters will get iTunes giftcards. The overall winner, chosen by myself and a CELEBRITY JURY, will get two shirts of their design, a pair of super-high-quality headphones for their iPod or home stereo (either in-ear or over-the-head), and my voice (or Jordan's, or me and Jordan's) on their home answering machine. Plus the satisfaction of contributing to your favorite shows/blog/community/website/etc!

If you'd like to share ideas, but don't do much design yourself, or you want to talk about designs as they're submitted, there's a special forum thread for the contest here.

Details for designers:

* Please use no more than three colors, and use a basic American Apparel tee color as your background.
* Entries must be submitted by the end of April, and the sooner the better!
* No more than five entries per person.
* Entries must be uploaded as an image to Pixish, and you must also be able to provide the graphic in a format that satisfies the printing requirements of BroPrints.
* I reserve the right to appoint psuedo- and semi-celebrities to the celebrity jury.
* Shirts can but need not have text, and should be of significance to anyone who downloads The Sound of Young America, Jordan Jesse Go, or reads this blog.

Ashkeezy is burning up the YouTube charts...


Our man Ashkon's video "Hot Tubbin" has exploded since we posted it last week -- going from a few hundred views to over a hundred thousand. It helps, of course, that it's on the front page of YouTube this week, but really, truly, I think it's because of the power of the MaxFun community.

So... cop a copy of Ashkon's mixtape, which is great. Then cop a copy of his new album "The Final Breakthrough" when it comes out in April. And most importantly, check out the director's cut of the video above, which includes a snippet from his HOT hip-hop single "Freedom."

And why not call your local radio station and request Hot Tubbin? We can finally find out if KMEL is really "The People's Station"!

"This is a building that deserves my piss." - The Internets Celebrities


I wish all internet videos were hosted by The Internets Celebrities, a pair of funny, lumpy, charming guys from New York City. Their videos thus far have been a sort of hip-hop corrolary to Jonah Ray's similarly funny Freeloader's Guide to Easy Living series -- a guide to living cheaply in the Big City.

This video above, their latest, is a how-to on finding a place to urinate in New York City. Bear in mind that this video is about peeing, so if that bothers you (or your employer), don't watch.

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