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SNL Intro Montage

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They made him put on the jacket. Still pretty great though, huh?

Buy one for yourself.

Gilbert Arenas aka Agent Zero aka Black President


Chuck Kosterman has a great piece in the new Times sports magazine "Play" about Gilbert Arenas. Arenas is known for sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and occaisionally saying something goofy.

“Sometimes you have to create your own legacy, and that is what I have done. There is no quirkiness about me. I just lash out at things, but it’s lighthearted. The freak part of me is not that I’m going to take 60 pills to get attention. I’m not that kind of freak. I just like to watch the Gummi Bears on TV. I’m not Ron Artest. I’m a character. The things I do, the things I say — these are things I sit in my house and think about. I know what I’m doing.”

God bless him for it.

Ira Glass on Storytelling.


Filmmakers, documentarians, journalists, podcast producers, writers... watch and learn. Four parts are below, watch from top to bottom.

Podcast: Maria Bamford


Maria Bamford is a comedian and sometime actress. She's been featured on Comedy Central's The Comedians of Comedy, and her distinctive voice has been heard in a number of animated films.

We talk about her career as a Star Trek impersonator, her preference for collective living and how much a comedian actually makes. Oh, and also: her comedy. Her new CD is called "How to Win."

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Previously on TSOYA:
These American Jokes, featuring laffs from Maria

New Bone Thugs - "I Try"


Bone Thugs n Harmony f. Akon - "I Try"... album's out 4/17.

I think Akon has the most beautiful voice in urban music right now. YES, REALLY.

The Story of My Life


Performed by Sparks.

Name-checked on the Merlin Show


Productivity guru / Space Pen advocate / TSOYA supporter Merlin Mann just launched a new video podcast called The Merlin Show. His first interview was with our good friend Jonathan Coulton, who he correctly identified as the Nicest Man on Earth. Not only does Merlin mention me, but he also discusses Productivity Tips From the King of Pop.

Watch it here.

The Secret Life of Brian


This 48-minute documentary covers the exciting story behind Monty Python's Life of Brian. (Original title: "Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory.")

Cleese on the film's many detractors:
"These people are operating at a very very low level of mental health."

Thanks to the CC Insider for dredging it up -- they've been doing great work lately, and get my award for "most improved blog - comedy division."

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Ep. 13: Andrew WK


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we're joined by rock & roll superstar Andrew W.K.

Jesse and Jordan celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks. Also, we discuss a video game that Jordan beat, and the fact that Jesse has never beaten a video game.

Andrew WK

We are joined by our favorite rock star, Andrew WK. Jesse discusses the bizarre and astonishingly sincere rivalry between USC and UCLA, and a near-fight he witnessed at an ice cream sandwich store.

Andrew WK: MySpace
Andrew W.K. discusses the fact that he manages his own MySpace, and why. Also -- what it's like to hear from someone buried deep in your past. Andrew got a message from the only girl he's ever been mean to.

Andrew WK: Songwriting

Andrew talks about visiting a songwriting retreat sponsored by the members of Hansen. Really!

Andrew WK: The Ranking

We bring back an old favorite segment: the ranking! Andrew ranks:
Natural Peanut Butter
Sam Elliott
Cartoon Movie Posters
Slow Jams


Our High Five Contest continues with some awesome entries. Blah blah blah.

* Should Jordan buy a Nintendo DS or a Game Boy Micro? And should he play X-Box online?
* What defines "being a grown-up" for you?


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