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Scott & BJ's New FOX Sketch Pilot: The Right Now! Show


Long-time TSOYA pals Scott Aukerman and BJ Porter are at it again, dropping a news-bomb on all of us.

They've announced, via, that they're filming a new pilot for FOX's late night division. The series will be primarily sketch, but will also include lots of other miscellany and flim-flam from the broader comedy (and alterna-comedy) world.

The cast includes Maria Bamford, Paul Rust, Mike O'Connell, James Adomian, Ian Edwards, Casey Wilson, Natasha Leggero, and a rotating cast of wonderful guests. They've already spilled the beans that Zach Galifianakis will guest in their pilot, which will shoot in LA in mid-September.

Keep your eyes on this folks, because with this talent, this is VERY exciting stuff.

Warrior Nation

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When I was a freshman in college, my roommate Mike was a big (semi-ironic) fan of 80s wrestling. His favorite hobby was reading to me from The Ultimate Warrior's COMPLETELY INSANE website. The Warrior seemed to be promoting some sort of cult, with plans to open gyms and inculcate young people with his bizarre ideas of "Foke" and "Destrucity." He was trying to create "Generation Warrior." After all, "Generation Warrior is the identity of the omnipresent body of peerless individuals existent in every voguish X,Y,Z Generation. Unlike their faddish 20-30 year span -- its start generally set off by a collison between disparate bodies of thinking and acting -- warrior individuals are thread continuately throughout the whole of mankind’s existence."

Before you click on any of those links, though, please note this warning from the website's front page:

"I am also NOT confused about my gender. I have no desire to tone down the nature of the sex I am. I am a male and am proud to be a man. Often I will forcefully punctuate my points and positions on ideas and issues with manly language. I make no apologies."

The Simpsons Movie


This is a great movie, and if you find yourself complaining about it, you should never have watched it, because there is no fun in your heart.

Pocast: Jordan, Jesse Go! Ep. 32: Modern Art and Comic Books


Jesse and Jordan had eventful weekends.

As Jesse and Jordan introduce the show, Tim the Intern digs them some holes.
New York City
Jordan visited New York City over the weekend. We discuss Picasso's under-heralded "Minotaur Period," as well as the Del Close Marathon.
Gene's Recovery

Gene remains in critical condition after being shot on last week's show. Cross your fingers for him.
Bear V. Rhino

Bear destroyed Rhino in this past week's Zoo Animal Battle.

Giraffe v. Capybara

Giraffe v. Capybara is this week's Zoo Animal Battle. Share your thoughts and vote here.

Comic Book Convention

Jesse and Jordan both went to the comic book convention, and had very mixed reactions. Also: Jordan met Peter Fonda and Peter Fonda's beautiful teeth.


A graceful denoument to a brilliant program.


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"Theme Park" in LA


My pals Cole Stratton and Janet Varney (two of the producers of SF Sketchfest) have put together a real A-list new show here in LA, and I thought I'd let folks know about. Even with great folks like this performing, it can be tough to get folks out to a new show, and I know TSOYA fans are always looking for something great to check out.

Here's what Cole and Janet say:

"Theme Park is a comedy variety show produced by two co-founders and co-directors of SF Sketchfest, San Francisco's nationally-renowned comedy festival. Each Theme Park show is designed around a particular concept. In addition to sketch, music, stand-up, and film, the show will also include trivia and prizes related to each month's theme. The show's format is intended to encourage comedians to generate new material with a specific goal in mind, but if a performer has a pre-existing bit that fits the bill, they're welcome to use it."

The show's Saturday night at 9:30 at the Westside Eclectic in Santa Monica, and tickets are eight bucks.

The lineup features TSOYA vets Jimmy Pardo, Hard N Phirm and Diani & Devine, as well as Scott Adsit from "30 Rock" and others. Not to be missed.

Details & tix

Snoop Speaks


Felicia "Snoop" Pearson is one of the most compelling actors on The Wire. She was discovered by another compelling actor on the show, Michael Williams ("Omar") in a club in Baltimore. As evidenced by this article and this interview, she's had a monumentally difficult life and done some awful things. She plead guilty to shooting and killing a 15-year-old girl when she herself was only 14, and was incarcerated for years. She's making a go of it, though, and while Wire creator David Simon points out that it's a tough road -- "How man roles are out there for a black woman?" -- she's got the talent. Dang.

Podcast: Miranda July ))<>((


Miranda July is the very definition of a multi-media artist. She started in theater, made her name as a performance artist and came to broader national prominence as the writer, director and star of the film "Me, You and Everyone We Know." Her latest endeavor is a book fo short fiction called "No One Belongs Here More Than You." I spoke with Miranda in her office -- a small house in Los Angeles' Echo Park, the floor of which was strewn with art-in-progress.

Please share your thoughts on this program on our forum!

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The Fun Bunch - "Erectile Disfunction"

Erectile Dysfunction

BJ Porter and Scott Aukerman, the creators of Comedy Death Ray, also occaisionally perform sketch comedy under the moniker "The Fun Bunch." They also wrote together on Mr. Show.

Lately, they've been working on videos to be released under the "Comedy Death Ray" aegis. Above is the first, called "Erectile Disfunction," and it stars Scott and BJ.

Here's Scott and BJ on The Sound of Young America in 2005 - MP3.



I'm leaving now. Anyone who spots me and Tim gets a bumper sticker and a pin. I love you, have a good day.

Jordan in New York Tonight!

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New Yorkers - don't miss Jordan's shows at the Del Close Marathon tonight. He'll be performing at 8:30 with MacGuffin, then at 12:30 AM with the Smartest Panel of Experts in the Universe Ever. It's all at the UCB Theater.

On this TSOYA show, Anthony King and Ian Roberts of the UCB talk about the marathon and what makes it so special, then Jeff Griggs talks about his book "Guru," which detailed his time as Close's friend and man-at-arms. Including Close eating marijuana like cereal. (MP3)

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