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Lots of new material on Khraigslist


Kasper Hauser's amazing Craigslist parody Khraigslist has a huge pile of new entries. I have hurt myself laughing.

Also, someone posted it on Digg, so digg it now.

Killer Mike album leaked...

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I think my interview with Killer Mike might be the best in Sound of Young America history. I certainly get more emails from folks about it than any other interview, and that's particularly impressive given the fact that I don't think there were a lot of Killer Mike fans in the TSOYA audience going in. Mike is a brilliant guy and a great MC, whether or not you agree with some of his ideas.

At the time of the interview, Mike was promoting I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, a posse album that was intended to be a warmup for his second major label release Ghetto Extraordinary. Unforunately, Mike's been bouncing around labels ever since, and that album was never released.

Luckily for us, it has leaked, just in time for the runup to I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind V. 2. So... thanks to, enjoy the album. Below, the interview with Killa Kill.

Tracklist for the album:
01 Get Em Shawty f. Three 6 Mafia (prod. by Three Six Mafia)
02 Gorilla Pimpin (Ghetto Extraordinary) f. 8Ball & MJG (prod. by Mello)
03 Bad Day / Worst Day (prod. by Beat Bullies)
04 Mama Said (prod. by Organized Noize)
05 Gonna Go to Ghana (prod. by Andre3000)
06 Niggaz Down South (prod. by Beat Bullies)
07 Shot Down (prod. by Organized Noize)
08 Chose Me f. SL Jones & Scar (prod. by Ron Browz)
09 My Chrome f. Big Boi (prod. by Mr. DJ of Dungeon Family)
10 Leave This Hood f. Jagged Edge
11 Aye-O (prod. by David Banner)
12 Speak Lord (prod. by Organized Noize)

Bonus Tracks:
13 Push Back f. M.O.P.
14 Bad Day / Worst Day Remix (Clean) f. Ice Cube (prod. by Beat Bullies)

David Cross is 100% in the right.


David Cross is one of the funniest guys in the country, and he's absolutely, positively 1000% correct about it being completely reasonable for him to have taken a role in Alvin & the Chipmunks. Anyone bitching about him having done so should get a life. As Cross notes, he makes a good but modest living and lives in the world's most expensive place. He deserves the money he gets for appearing in dumb projects like Alvin, and the only way I'd even be slightly bothered is if he was starring in and wrote it or something. Then, though, it'd likely be funny, and a moot point.

That said... Kyle Ryan of the AV Club starts to make when he writes:

Cross’ Achilles’ heel has always been his smug sense of superiority; he rarely, if ever, points out his own shortcomings in his stand-up act, only the supposed stupidity of others.

But Cross wrote about

Podthoughts by Ian Brill: "Midwest Teen Sex Show"


At this point there are plenty of places to find advice on sex and love (including Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast which I profiled). But where, you might ask, can I find good sex ed for teens combined with irreveant sketch comedy? Friends, I direct you to The Midwest Teen Sex Show (iTunes link).

This is a video podcast, with each episode lasting somewhere between three to four and a half minutes long. Topics covered so far include female masturbation, male masturbation, syphilis and, perhaps scariest of all, parents (dealing with them, not becoming them). All are directed by Guy Clark. He keeps the show fast as it switches between information from host Nikol, described as a “former expert practitioner of teen promiscuity,” and other host Britney who plays various different characters in sketches illustrating that particular episode’s theme.

Nikol’s advice is a bit simpler than what someone like Dan Savage brings you but the show, as it says in the name, is for a younger audience. The real advice is laid out perfectly clear. Everything is made easy to absorb, important for young people nervous and inexperienced about sex (don’t worry kids, all those nerves and lack of experience will soon be replaced with jadedness and depression within a few short years). Nikol isn’t afraid to be sarcastic with her information. I laughed real hard at her advice against teenage girls dating adult males: “I know, you met on the Internet and he understands you and guys your age are so immature. The good news: girls mature faster than boys, so start dating girls.” When I first started watching this podcast I couldn’t quite place what so “Midwest” about it. Soon I realized that the show’s humor, especially Nikol’s charisma, shares the dry charm and sardonic wits of Midwestern stalwarts David Letterman and Kurt Vonnegut.

Of course another sign of the show’s Midwestern origins appear when Britney uses a cow udder to model the different types of male masturbation techniques there are. The characters Britney play in her sketches, occasionally aided by other actors, tend to be examples of teens who don’t take Nikol’s advice. Their misfortunes are taken to comic extremes such as one of the girls offering her opinion on why she had sex for the first time: “I have a really amazing vagina and I felt selfish not sharing it with the world.” There are also the bits that are just bizarre, helping to create the overall feel of the show. The inaugural episode featured Britney offering the advice that if you’re masturbating while going through the drive-thru at a fast food place, you better make your order complicated to grant yourself a lot more time.

When I was a teen all we had was Loveline on the radio. Do kids still listen to the radio (I ask on the blog of a PRI program)? I don’t know but I do know they waste a lot of time on this here Internet. I can only hope they come across the Midwest Teen Sex Show and pick up a few lessons.

Also, this is my last column for the year. I want thank Jesse for asking me to do this as well as Tim the former intern for helping out in the beginning. I’ve exposed myself to a lot of great content I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. This column got me interested in blogging again, which inspired me to reignite my own blog. A big thank you to all of you readers as well. I hope I turned you on to some good shows.

Thanks for a great year.


I threw a little thank you in the end-of-year TSOYA cast, but since I'm headed home for the holidays tommorow, I thought I'd re-iterate here.

Thanks to all of you who read the blog, listen to the shows, and support me in my modest efforts to make the world a better place.

If you're in the Bay Area (or, someone reminded me, planning to be for MacWorld), cop some tickets to TSOYA live.

No matter where you live, please consider donating to support this blog and all our shows. Your donations are what make me able to do this.

And I'll see you next year!! Wait until you hear this Wire interview.... ;)

TSOYA Holiday Extravaganza Winners!!!


The following entries have been chosen as winners in the TSOYA Holiday Awesome competition.
Congratulations to all the winners, your prizes are in the mail. The standard of the entries was really high – I had a tough job judging them. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter – they were all great - you’re all winners in my eyes!
That’s it from me as intern with TSOYA I’m afraid – I’m heading off back to Ireland.  I really enjoyed my time here. Thanks to Jesse and Theresa for being so awesome! And thanks to all you guys who I’ve been in contact with during my time here.
Happy Holidays!

And the Winners are.....

Prize: Dr. Katz DVD Collection.
Dave Shumka gave us this amazing JJGo Montage! I love this!

Prize: Dr. Katz DVD Collection.
Check out Ramsey Ess’s Christmas cartoon..

Prize: The Chapelle Show Collection.
Emily Tilles showed us her baking and decorating skills with this fabulous and original Darth Vader Christmas cookie.

Prize: The Chapelle Show Collection.
Carol Martucci make some fantastic origami Christmas decorations – which now have pride of place on Jesse, Theresa and Cocoa’s Christmas tree. Sorry I haven't got any pics of the decorations!

Prize: The Chapelle Show Collection.
Justin Zell gave us this awesome Santa Con video.

Prize: The Dangerous Book For Dogs.
Tom Deja gave us this super Holiday Mix – he also did the illustrations and jewel case design! Have a listen on iTunes or any other music player you might prefer.

Prize: The Dangerous Book For Dogs.
This is Ben Watt’s John Hodgman Christmas tree – I’m pretty sure he super-imposed a pic of John’s head onto a photo of a Christmas tree and hasn’t actually chopped off John’s head and stuck it on his real live Christmas tree at home.

Prize: TSYOA Poster.

Sid Miller put pen to paper and composed this poetic gem:

A Jew Sets Out Walking Christmas Morning Through Orange County

Leaving the cul-de-sac of my home

I set out walking.

A T-shirt, shorts, Chuck Taylor's

without socks -

The seventy-eight degrees

heats manure from the horse stables -

I take in the scent.

The sidewalks are wide and clean,

the streets empty.

Ten miles to the ocean.

I walk in steps that I've seen before,

like Moses through this disguised desert

past palm trees and mirages of smiling faces.

I don't have a staff,

only a pocketful of joints,

a disposable lighter

and the image of waves breaking

in my head.

I walk past black cars shining,

giving off my reflection every ten feet -

past sprinklers making

rainbows in the winter, color on top of color-

past ghosts of old friends

and enemies that bark

like dogs behind metal gates,

past rows of shaped hedges

and brown wrapped packages on doorsteps.

Eight miles to go.

This road is like Las Vegas Boulevard -

the end always in sight,

but hours to come

Every strip mall, every McDonalds,

is an oasis -

veering into empty parking lots,

I slap my shoes and sing

to the geometric beauty

of white lines.

Lying on grassy islands,

watching heat rise,

I fill my nostrils

with the warm scent of asphalt.

But being too restless

I leave comfort for blisters -

take to the sidewalk.

With five miles to go

El Toro Road ends,

sidewalk ends.

My shoes land on real earth,

this land too rugged,

too jagged to bulldoze.

I remember these hills -

wandering with the thoughts

that there might be more

to this world.

Hiding in caves of rocks round

and drinking whiskey,

covering myself in cattails -

now I walk through the center of it,

sweat under my arms

and in the well of my chest.

Salt begins to fill the air.

I crawl under barbed wire,

walk through long grass,

over classified ads, potato chip bags

and shards of glass.

Three miles pass in a minute,

as I retrace the steps

that have brought me back.

With two miles to go

my feet feel lighter,

back onto sidewalk,

passing art galleries -

pictures of whales,

sculptures of dolphins

and dark little bistros

with signs hanging from doors

that read:


With one mile to go

people emerge, tourists from places

where Christmas doesn't exist.

With the stores closed

we are forced to look

into one another's eyes -

a silent feeling of comradery,

all of us on our own walks

with our own staffs in our hands -

nobody saying a word,

not even coughing.

And at last the beach comes,

the sun beginning to set.

I take off my shoes

and walk in the sand,

my footprints

my only gift.

I sit and watch the sun fall,

the smog creating colors more beautiful

than God could ever imagine.

Prize: Our Dumb World: The Onion's Atlas of The Planet Earth
Resa Latour’s “Holiday Awesome” collage is pretty neat, don’t ya think?

Prize: Our Dumb World: The Onion's Atlas of The Planet Earth
Chad Johnson sent a beautiful Christmas bookmark – apologies that I don’t have a copy to show you on the site, but trust me it’s awesome!

Tim & Eric Look for Funding


Tim & Eric call Apple tech support, looking for podcast funding.

"If you want to see number five go up, the only way that's gonna happen is if we get a financial commitment from you guys."

This is old, but it is fucking hilarious.

via Dead Frog

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Real Vs. Fake


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Clasics.

On this week’s show Real Vs. Fake, magician and actor Ricky Jay talks about his career and his book ‘Extraordinary Exhibitions’. San Francisco radio personality and stand-up comic Brian Copeland also guests. He shares details of his one man show and what it was like growing up in the most racist suburb of America.

Ricky Jay is an artist, actor and author. He is an expert on the history of magic, oddball and unusual entertainment. He can throw a playing card into the rind of a watermelon from ten paces – impressive!

“Not A Genuine Black Man” is the longest running solo show in San Francisco history. Brian Copeland, writer and star of the one man comedy show, spills the beans on what the show is all about.

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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Holiday Contest


If you have an entry, get it in NOW. We have to judge the contest in time to make it to the post office this afternoon! Emma at maximumfun dot org.

Podcast: The Best Music & Movies of 2007 with the editors of The Onion's AV Club


This one's a podcast exclusive -- the best music and movies of the year for 2007. Managing editor Josh Modell runs down the music side, and Film Editor Scott Tobias runs down the world of film. You can find the full film list here, and the full music list here.

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