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Podcast: Coyle & Sharpe, Ep 18: Dizzie Gillespie


In the early 1960s, James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe roamed the streets of San Francisco, microphone in hand, roping strangers into bizarre schemes and surreal stunts. Today, their humor is a cultural touchstone for artists as varied as Henry Rollins and The Upright Citizens Brigade.

These recordings are from the Sharpe family archive, which is tended by Mal's daughter, Jennifer Sharpe. You can learn more about Coyle & Sharpe on their website or on MySpace. Their recent box set is These 2 Men Are Imposters.

This week, Mal tells the story of how they pranked Dizzie Gillespie.

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The Bees - Listening Man


I've been trying to get these guys on the show the past couple months. I think they make a pretty compelling argument for horns in non-ska rock bands.

Tivoli/Kloss Table Radios at Target


I got a hot tip that Tivoli / Henry Kloss table radios are on sale at Target. The Model One radio, with a tuner designed by Henry Kloss, is one of the nicest radios you can buy -- right now they're only $29.99, though only in black. The Model Three is the same, plus a clock -- they're $49.99 (in any color). These are down from $119 and $199. I'm sure they'll be gone soon, but if you live near a target, these radios are what Bose Wave radios claim to be. Wonderful warm sound, spectacular reception, etc etc etc. I just bought one myself.

Edited to add: a commenter asked (perhaps in jest) if this was an advertisement or paid in any way. No, I just like really nice radios, being a radio host and all. And it's neat that I can actually afford to buy one :)

Jay Smooth v. Bill O'Reilly


I hate to even dignify Bill O'Goofus by posting something about him on this blog, but Jay Smooth's takedown of Big Papa is so sharp and so pleasantly-mannered that I can't bring myself not to post this video.

Respect the Moustache


HHDX: The final question I have for you is on a more positive note. I just have to ask how it feels to hear Lil’ Wayne on the new Ja Rule song, “Uh Oh,” paying homage when he spits, “Call me young Raekwon, I’m a chef in hell’s kitchen”?
Raekwon: Yo, that’s good money right there. I’m glad he feel like that. That means that he’s recognizing my mustache. He respects my mustache, and I respect his for even saying that. I feel like when these young dudes pay homage they track record becomes more respected, because you respect dudes that already did it. So I can’t do nothing but take my hat off to the kid and just say, yo, I admire that. That’s what it’s all about, real detecting real. I appreciate that.

(thanks Jon!)

Podcast: Brian Coleman on Check the Technique: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies


Like a lot of music nerds, Brian Coleman is into liner notes. Unlike a lot of music nerds, however, Brian's chosen genre (hip-hop) rarely provides them. Instead of whining about it, Brian wrote "Check the Technique." The book records the oral history of the great albums of hip-hop's golden era, from "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" to "Life Is... Too $hort." Coleman calls this history "the invisible liner notes."

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Girls' Circle & Boys Council


This ain't outtakes from Superbad or anything, but I'd be nothin if I didn't occaisionally post something in a public-servicier vein.

My fiance's mother, Beth Hossfeld, has been working with young women from pre-adolescence through adolescence for many years, using a program called Girls' Circle. She works with girls from 9-18 from all kinds of backgrounds -- private schools to juvenile detention facitilities - helping them become stronger and make good choices in their lives. These days, she mostly trains folks how to do it in their schools or other institutions. My fiance was a member of an early Girls' Circle, and it was enormously helpful to her in her adolesence, and her friends who did it with her still talk about how much it meant to them.

Beth and her colleagues recently launched Boys' Council, a similar endeavor aimed at young men. Starting in the new year, they'll be doing similar trainings, helping people who work with young guys teach emotional and life skills.

I know there are a lot of TSOYA listeners who work in education, and I think that these kinds of groups can be enormously effective in helping young people. In fact, I was lucky enough to attend a middle school which used a similar program, and I can personally attest to its value. Adolescence is a really tough time, but kids can learn the skills they need.

Anyway, if you're in education or if you work with youth, check out the programs. You can get materials from them or bring them in to teach their methods.

The Sound of Young America on the iPhone

| 1 comment

OK you all you rich nerdy fuckers. Are you done turning your iPhone horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal again, just to watch your pirated movie flip around?

Here's something productive you can do: listen to TSOYA from you iPhone.

Just visit for the super-convenient interface. If you really like it, let me know, and I'll make similar pages for our other shows. If you don't care because you use a regular telephone like a normal person, that's fine too.


Is the Arruh a joke, or is he joking?


Some “Trapped [in the Closet]” fans may think they’re flattering Mr. Kelly by praising his alleged insanity or naïveté, but that’s the kind of praise that can easily sound like condescension, especially when directed (as it often is) at African-American performers. And some IFC viewers might not know that Mr. Kelly is deploying some of the same dramatic devices you can find in the world of urban theater, sometimes affectionately or derisively called the chitlin circuit.” Many of his stock characters (the pastor with a secret, the nosy neighbors, the semireformed ex-con, the stuttering pimp) and melodramatic revelations would be at home in a play by Tyler Perry, Shelly Garrett, Angela Barrow-Dunlap or David E. Talbert.

kelefa sanneh investigates!

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO!: Ep 34: Big News


On this week's program, Jesse returns, and we're joined by comedian Jonah Ray. We talk about getting free stuff, big announcements and much more.


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