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Areas of My Expertise... FREE


The audio version of John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise is currently free on iTunes. The autographed, inscribed version is availalbe, of course, with a $10/month pledge to TSOYA.

Digg Adds Podcasts - DIGG NOW!


OK you crazy so-and-sos...

I've never asked you to vote on Podcast Alley or Podcast Pickle or in any of the silly podcast directories, I've rarely asked you even to review the show in iTunes, but this time it's serious. is one of the biggest social-bookmarking sites on the web (is that what they're category is called?), and if you make it there... you can make it anywhere.


And remember to digg it every two weeks or so.

I'll add links to the rest of the shows once Digg's directory adds them.

dead prez "Radio Freq"


"When you bringin' the real you don't get rotation / less you take over the station"

Used to get a kick out of playing this on KZSC.

Blast Processing!


Holiday Gifts from TSOYA

Looking for holiday gifts? Want to get yourself a present?
Look no further than The Sound of Young America!

Above: our new Sound of Young America collection CDs. These are convenient, giftable, attractive, professionally-produced anthologies of Sound of Young America programs. Each CD contains four months of shows -- about 20 hours of programming. And each CD is only $9.

They're also available in sets -- the six CDs you see above contain every Sound of Young America program in the past two years. I've made sure there's a significant discount for sets, so you can pick up every show we've ever done for just $40. Or you can get all our 2005 shows or 2006 shows for $25.

These are MP3-CDs, which you can use in your computer, of course, but also in many DVD players, newish CD players, and car stereos. Or you can just burn them to audio CD or put them on your portable MP3 player -- only without all that boring downloading.

Sound of Young America t-shirts are only $16 post-paid. They're printed on lovely american apparel shirts (in the "cranberry" shade, if you were wondering), and are printed to last by BroPrints in Santa Cruz. Everyone who gets one tells me they love theirs... you or your giftee could be next. You should probably buy one. No more girl sizes (actually, I have one girls' XL, if anyone wants it let me know), but I do have S-XXL in men's.

And of course... SkyMaul! Thirteen reviews so far on Amazon, thirteen 5-star raves. Recently Mark Frauenfelder of wrote that the book "made me laugh until tears streamed down my face," and the Seattle Times called it "Bang-up hilarious... move over National Lampoon." I, of course, concur, and the dang thing's only ten bucks on Amazon. The unexpected (to them, not us) success of the book left Amazon sold out for a week or so, but they're back in stock just in time, and it should be available wherever new books are sold.

Or, shop from our AMAZON HOLIDAY STORE. A selection of items hand-picked by yours truly for your gifting needs, plus anything else Amazon sells. If you go through one of our links, we get a percentage of anything you buy in that purchase -- so buy a car or something, please.

Phone Cards for Veterans


I only very rarely advocate any cause (other than my own) on the website, but I thought for the holidays this might make a worthy exception.

My father is a disabled veteran and long-time veterans activist and advocate. His current project, The Jhai Foundation, works around the world on people-driven development projects based in reconciliation, and began by helping people in the regions of Laos he helped bomb while in the Navy in the 1960s.

He got his start in activism helping to found the west coast wing of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He has been active with that group (now Veterans for Peace) and in veterans issues for the past 35 years.

Vets for Peace has teamed up with several other veterans' and peace groups to buy phone cards for injured and disabled veterans in Veterans Administration hospitals across the country. As you may know, VA budgets have been slashed over the past few years, and VA hospitals are unable to offer long-distance calls to their patients unless the patients pay, which can be quite difficult for folks living on a military pension.

No matter how you feel about the war, we can all agree that giving our injured vets a chance to call home for the holidays is a noble goal. A $20 donation means six vets get two hours of calls to their families. You can make a donation, or you can volunteer to help personally deliver the cards.

Kasper Hauser: Best Podcasts of 2006!


Congratulations to us!

The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast was selected as one of iTunes' "Best Podcasts of 2006!"

Other Sound of Young America favorites included in the list... Never Not Funny & Jonathan Coulton's Popular Science podcast.

Anyway, if you haven't subscribed to the KHCP already... subscribe now!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a name!


Well, our big survey determined a very clear answer to the question of what we should name our new podcast. That answer was: none of the names we'd thought of so far.

Yes, you pretty much hated all of them.

Luckily, today, INSPIRADO STRUCK.

The Untitled Thorn/Morris Project is now:

Jordan, Jesse GO!

John Cleese & Robert MacNeil


This is from 1988, as Cleese is promoting A Fish Called Wanda.

Everyone is obsessed with the supposed English/American divide in humor... but Cleese addresses it quite well, to the extent it exists at all.

Added note: MacNeil has a stunningly beautiful voice, doesn't he?

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