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Where I'm From...


I've really been missing San Francisco lately. I think it'll be a long time before Los Angeles feels like home, if it ever does.

This video for rapper Big Rich was shot across the street from my house (literally, like if you left the door of my building and crossed the street, you'd be in the scene where they're all in front of the big gate/fence.

Needless to say, that made me feel homesick, too.

Podcast Expo in Ontario


I'll be at the Podcast Expo in Ontario (California) tommorow. If anyone wants to meet up, I'm happy to do it. Just get at me on the email!

America sucks.


Billboard tells no lies:

TW RK Artist Title TW Sales % CHG LW Sales RTD Sales
13 NICKELBACK ALL THE RIGHT REASONS 54,727 -3 56,511 3,592,511

That's 3.5 x platinum. For NICKELBACK. IN 2006.

Aaron's friend learns to walk.


Listener Aaron claims that his friend Arielle literally could not walk before she heard about The Sound of Young America.

I am willing to bet that this is a lie.

It is, however, an admirable one.

Have you entered the tell-a-friend contest yet? It's easy to do. Just tell a friend about The Sound. You can do it in real life and take a picture, you can put us in the top 8 on myspace and send a link, you can link us on your blog, post about us on your blog, whatever. Just email the evidence to contest at And remember that multiple entries are most certainly allowed.

The Tell-a-Friend Contest


My prize stash is piled high, so it's time for a contest! I'm giving away sweet prizes to folks who tell somebody about The Sound.


I've got DVD copies of the two shows which preceded Monty Python, Do Not Adjust Your Set and At Last the 1948 Show. I'll give them out as a set.

Just before I moved, this Arrested Development Season 2 box set that I gave away in the long-ago listener survey contest came back to me as undeliverable. That person's loss could be your gain, because I'm giving it away again!

We also have (courtest of Shout! Factory) a DVD set of the first season of The Bill Cosby Show.

Not to mention our "Lefty Pack": a paperback copy of The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right by Robert Lanham and a DVD copy of "The Best of the Awful Truth."

All that, plus every winner will get a few Sound of Young America stickers.


This is the "tell-a-friend" contest, so you have to tell a friend. I'm going to list some different stuff you can do to enter the contest -- do more than one, and you'll have more than one entry in the random drawing. Two entries = double your chances, three = triple and so on.

Ways to Tell A Friend (in all cases, you can certainly mention the contest if you feel it's appropriate, no need to trick anyone):

* Send an email to 3 or more friends telling them about the show. Can be about a particular program they might like, or about the show in general, or about how you don't need an ipod to listen to The Sound (I'm getting sick of explaining that myself), or whatever you'd like. CC or BCC There's an entry.

* Add a link to The Sound of Young America to your blog. Email your URL to (by the way, if you have a link, it should point to, because if I ever get my shit together, will remain and blogspot will dissapear).

* Make a post about The Sound of Young America on your blog, LiveJournal, Myspace Blog, whatever. Email the URL to contest@maximumfun dot org

* Here's a good one that makes a big difference: post about The Sound of Young America
in an online forum or message group that's appropriate and on-topic (please don't just spam any boards). It can be about a particular show (I got a lot of hits on the Brendon Small show from a couple metal forums, for example). Send the URL to contest

* Put The Sound of Young America in your MySpace top 8 or send a bulletin about the show to your MySpace pals.

* Play the podcast promo on your podcast. (Thanks Sam)

* Tell a friend about The Sound of Young America in person, and take a picture of yourself doing so. Email the picture to contest@maximumfun dot org.

Let me emphasize here that anything you do in public should be tasteful and on-topic. I don't want people signing up for some motorcycle racing forum and posting "OMG ROTFL@TSOYA" in the Motocross section. Everybody hates that s**t. That said, I think you probably like the show, and people will believe you that it's good much more than they'll believe me, since I invented it. So it's nice to have that coming from you.

Oh, and if you've already done one of these things, feel free to send it in, but consider doing something else as well. And if you just want to enter without doing any of these things, well, go ahead, I'm not gonna stop you.


Basically, yes. But it's for a good cause, right? I mean, I think it is.


I hope, one day, to achieve financial gain. To this point, I am a total failure in that regard. In the meantime, I will settle for a cult following.


You until the end of September... GO!


Absolutely not! Absolutely! I will also accept any other crazy idea you can think of (bake a cake with our URL on it and send it to your grandma, paint it on your drag car, whatever). Put Crazy Idea in the subject of your email, and I will send a TSOYA FUN PACK to whoever does the awesomest thing. This pack will include a TSOYA T-SHIRT and an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the new edition of John Hodgman's Area's of My Expertise and maybe some other stuff I haven't even thought of yet.


How ya like me now?


Huuuuuuge news update.


For those of you who don't get our emails... huge news update today.

And if you don't get the emails... c'mon. Sign up already.

Today's Wall Street Journal


Great little blurb on The Sound of Young America in the new "Blog Watch" feature in The Wall Street Journal. Here's a scan:

Thanks to Keith Huang for the great mention!

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