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Monty Python urges you to subscribe!


Courtesy of WTTW television, who were apparently jealous of our exclusive Python footage. Unearthed from their vaults.

Breaking news! David Morgan, author of "Monty Python Speaks," corrects the record:
"Thanks for linking to the Python video, but this posting didn't have anything to do with WTTW or their jealousy, nor was it unearthed from their vaults. This was taken from a collection of U-Matic tapes preserved by a Python associate which I thought would be fun to share."

Andy Kaufman Sings on Letterman


Here's Andy Kaufman performing the Slim Whitman class "Rosemarie" on David Letterman.

Also, he is wearing a turban, a false moustache and a diaper.

The Sound of Young America: The American Dream (MP3)... We talk with Florian Keller, author of "Wrestling with the American Dream," about Andy Kaufman.

Podcast: The College Years: Battle of the Dads


On this Sound of Young America: The College Years, it's an epic Battle of the Dads. We kick things off with an original song about dads, then call our respective dads and have them duke it out by revealing embarassing secrets about our childhoods. If you haven't listened to The College Years yet, now is the time to give it a shot. This one's an all-timer.

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Jurassic 5 are working with Dave Matthews Band.


Somehow, they just managed to blow right by the Black Eyed Peas on the road to self-parody.

Jonathan Goldstein's Wiretap


When we talked with Jonathan Goldstein, we discussed his CBC program Wiretap. What had been an MP3 blog of the show now has a podcast feed.

If you're an iTunes subscriber, go to the podcast directory, then go to the advanced menu, and choose "Subscribe to Podcast." Then paste in this URL:

Tina Fey's "30 Rock"


I was a hopeful skeptic, now I'm a hopeful hopeful.


* I love Rachel Dratch. I think she's really wonderful and hilarious and should be the funny best friend in every girl movie from here on out, and maybe even the lead in a quirky one.
* Tina Fey is a bit wooden, can she pull of being the lead of this series?
* Really all Tracy Morgan has to do to make me laugh is make one of those funny baby faces.
* Does anyone know if Mike White is a regular castmember or if that's just a walk-on?
* Regarding the Tina Fey question: my friend Matt points out that Jerry Seinfeld was a bit wooden, too. Point taken.
* Does the fact that both of them got picked up mean that the Aaron Sorkin series and this one can be friends now?

Garrison Keillor's Mansion


Our man GK is making that fa sho' dough. Seven bedrooms? Daaaamn.

"The house is so grand that Mr. Keillor and his wife, Jenny Lind Nilsson, a violinist in the Minnesota Opera orchestra, feared their friends might consider them pretentious for buying it. Ultimately, the beauty and spaciousness of the house, which was built in 1914 by the French architect Emmanuel Masqueray, persuaded them."


(Sidenote: what is it with people in public radio and ACTUALLY DRIVING VOLVOS? That's like the junior senator from Mississippi showing up for a hearing in denim overalls.)

PRX hates The Sound of Young America


PRX is the Public Radio Exchange, a sort of online content depot for public radio producers. Independent producers upload their content -- programs, news reports, features -- to the site, and stations visit to license pieces to fill holes in their programs or schedules.

Part of the system is a sort of peer-review mechanism. PRX has an "Editorial Board," and at least one of them reviews nearly every piece uploaded to the site. Additionally, any PRX member (anyone can sign up for free) can write a review of any piece.

It's a great system... two of The Sound's affiliates found out about the show through PRX, and lots of people in public radio get to hear the show that otherwise might not.


A sample review (from an editorial board member who works for Radio Netherlands):

The guests, Jonathan Goldstein and Jonathan Katz are typically public radio. But stylistically our host is all slick baritone Clear Channel morning zoo. Without being intentionally offensive, how old is the program host? He sounds like someone older trying to be young. He looks young in the picture.

Or this one (from an editorial board member from Atlantic Public Media), which included a rating of one out of five:

It's just a little jarring to have jokes come out of nowhere and not a natural part of the conversation. The humor has that disruptive effect from the back of the classroom....

So, uhm, if you get the chance, head over there, sign up (it's free), and write a thoughtful review of a show.

Zach Galifianakis & Fiona Apple "Up in Them Guts"


Sasquatch from claims that this will make more sense once the new Comedy Central series "Dog Bites Man" starts airing June 7th. In the meantime, just "suck it off 2006 style."

Lifton & Coulton, together forever.


David Lifton, a regular in the comments of this very blog, points us to his interesting interview with Jonathan Coulton, the very funny singer-songwriter whose music has been heard several times on TSOYA.


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