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Jasper T. Redbone on Comedy Central


The Sound of Young America's old pal Jasper Redd was featured on the Comedy Central video podcast recently. Above is his clip. Love that guy. Speaking of, does anyone have a digital version of his appearance on Def Comedy Jam earlier this year?

Podcast: Untitled Thorn/Morris Project Ep. 2

Episode two of The Untitled Thorn/Morris Project is here!

In this episode...

Intro and Discussion of Possible Show Names

Jesse and Jordan discuss new names for the show, and settle on four finalists. One is an allusion to Rushmore, two are allusions to William Carlos Williams, one is something they kind of agree could be on a novelty t-shirt in 1995:

The Bombardment Society
Say It!
The Untitled Jordan Morris Project
The Stupidity of Man

They decide to put them up to a vote!

What will replace Pirates?

Ian calls in to suggest WWI Flying Aces.

Jordan agrees in principle, but thinks maybe it lacks a certain sexy element that helps for theme parties. Jesse reminds him how sexy the Red Baron is in the Red Baron Pizza commercials.

We also hear from Aaron, who suggests Frogmen and Vikings. Jesse and Jordan discuss vikings, as Jordan feels Vikings are too same-old, same-old. Frogmen are applauded, but

Jesse suggests cavemen, which Jordan roundly rejects.


John Hodgman called the court to order in the matter of Jordan v. Lauren, with respect to who should buy stuff for their house.

Lauren presented her case -- she had bought lots of stuff for the apartment she shared with Jordan, and he had bough almost nothing. Upon further questioning, it came out that Lauren doesn't have a real bedroom, but rather sleeps in a den.

Jordan countered that he had bought some mugs, and his mother had bought them a set of bowls and plates from Ikea.

Jordan described himself as a simple guy, who has never owned much. Jesse added that Jordan's dad once gave him a folding camping chair, and Jordan described the U-Store-It, rented by his vagabond father.

Judge Hodgman asked Lauren what restitution she sought. Lauren said she wanted some financial support, but wasn't sure what it should be.

An Amicus Brief was heard from Scamboogah, who argued that they should get out of the situation entirely.

In closing arguments, it came to light that Jordan and Lauren eat with small plastic Ikea children's forks, and sit on the floor because they have no chairs.

(Music: "Burning Buildings" by Total Annihilation)

Judge Hodgman renders his decision

(Music: "Like You" by The Moops)

Would You Rather

Jim Real, the Master of Would You Rather, asks: WOULD YOU RATHER... develop an immunity to the common cold... or win three olympic gold medals?


* Vote now on our new name.
* Review the show on iTunes.
* Do you have a dispute Judge John Hodgman can solve on a future broadcast? Email it to us! Put Judge John in the subject line.
* Would you like to play Would You Rather with us on a future episode? Email us or give us a call at 206-984-4FUN.
* For next week's show: what's your worst holiday memory, that's funny looking back? CALL!

Call 206-984-4FUN to share your thoughts on these ACTION ITEMS.

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Final Name Survey!


OK, we just taped the second episode of what has to this point been called The Untitled Thorn/Morris Project, but we want to pick a name.

So... we've narrowed it down to four finalists:

The Bombardment Society
Untitled Thorn/Morris Project
The Stupidity of Man
Say It!

Click here to take the one-question survey that will determine our new name!

Graham Chapman on David Letterman


April 20th, 1982

Courtesy of David Morgan

RIP Jose Uribe, 1959-2006


The Season of Giving


If you ever watch December promos for local TV news, you already know that the holidays are A Season of Giving. This year, please considering donating to support The Sound of Young America.

Many public radio programs have budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and staffs of eight or ten. They're distributed by huge networks, which charge every station to carry their programs.

The Sound of Young America is a different story.

This show is one guy, without a network or a budget. Stations and listeners get the show for free. We don not receive government or foundation support. The money you donate goes directly to things that impact the show -- headphones, for example.

This month, a good friend of the show, John Hodgman, has offered half a dozen autographed & inscribed copies of his hilarious book "The Areas of My Expertise" as incentive. Donate at $10/month, and you'll receive a copy of the book as a thank you from John and myself. If you're currently donating at a lower rate, bump it up, and the same offer applies.

Please donate today, and let the holiday spirit fill your lungs, then be distributed by your blood vessels to every cell in your body, giving you astonishing (and primarily tinsel-related) holiday powers.

Podcast: Legacy Collection: A Very Magical TSOYA


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Legacy Collection.

Ricky Jay is an author, actor and magician. He's best known for his appearances in the films of David Mamet, but his solo magic and sleight-of-hand performances, which mix astonishing feats with compelling stories about the history of odd performance, are legendary.

Amy Krause Rosenthal is the author of "An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life," which, in essence, offers a memoir in alphabetical order.

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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Untitled Thorn/Morris Project: The New Podcast from


It's here!

"Untitled Thorn/Morris Project" is the new podcast from Your hosts Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart" and Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective" will steal your hearts with irreverent chat, psuedo-celebrity guests, and MAXIMUM FUN.

Here's a rundown of Episode One:

* An extensive discussion of the man who hawks loogies outside of Jesse's apartment window.

* Why are we doing the podcast? Vanity, primarily. We also want people to call us at 206-384-4FUN.

* We used to get a lot of calls from weeeeeeird Santa Cruzians. For example -- people who opposed the flouridation of water (apparently they didn't realize that Dr. Strangelove was a work of satire).

* A guy who worked at our station, Bob, lived in the woods. Not in a house in the woods, but literally in the woods, under a tarp. This was not considered especially unusual at our station.

* Why did the white reggae djs speak in faux-Jamaican patois sometimes, but not other times?

* Jesse talks about adjusting to life in LA -- Jordan points out that compared to Orange County, LA is Valhalla. They agree that while it's hacky to talk about the traffic in LA, it really is unbelievable -- and unpredictable.

* Jordan runs down his LA apartment history. Now he lives with our pal Lauren... he doesn't have any stuff, Lauren wants to have stuff. What should we do? We're gonna get Lauren on the show, call us and share a question for Jordan and Lauren that you think would help, or tell us what you think of the situation. Has this ever happened to you? 206-984-4FUN.

* Hang it up:


* Keep it Up



* What should we call the show?
* What's a good replacement for pirates (culturally speaking)?
* How can we settle Jordan's housemate dispute?
* What's your worst holiday memory, that's funny looking back?

Call 206-984-4FUN to share your thoughts on these ACTION ITEMS.

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