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JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN, author and DECIDER informs us that a discussion in our most recent Thorn/Morris program was presaged by Gilbert & Sullivan many years ago. QUOTH THE JUDGE:

I have been rediscovering PIRATES OF PENZANCE in my efforts to become even more of a nerd, and I am reminded that there is a song in that frothy operetta specifically on the subjects of PIRATES BECOMING CATBURGLARS.

The song in question is "WITH CAT-LIKE TREAD UPON OUR PREY WE STEAL," performed above by the University of Iowa Summer Opera.



Murs - "LA"

Tim & Eric - "LA Guyz"

Stella - "David's Cousin"


The recent passing of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet reminded me not of the suffering of millions of Chileans, but of a throwaway joke in my favorite Stella short. You can see it above.

Snoop f. everybody - "Candy"


E-40, MC Eiht, Daz, Kurupt and Goldie Loc on the guest spots here. A veritable who's-who of west coast G-rap (circa 1995). They even got Ladybug Mecca, whose voice is sampled for the chorus, in the video. I bet if I looked through my old tapes (yes, tapes) I could find the interview I did with her on my old music show. Aaaaaanyway... Rick Rock on the beat, great track, one of the highlights of Snoop's typically uneven but nonetheless pretty damn good new record.

MP3s: Jonathan Coulton Live on TSOYA


Our pal Jonathan Coulton joined us on The Sound of Young America's live show in New York City last month. We podcast the program late last week, but what we didn't do is break out Coulton's jams in high-quality MP3 format, so I'm here to redress that mistake.

Over on his website, of course, Jonathan has several albums for sale and download, but these live tracks are a Sound of Young America EXCLUSIVE.

The Future Soon (Original on JoCo's Site)
Baby Got Back (On JoCo's Site)
Re: Your Brains (On JoCo's Site)

We get "Knocked Up"


TSOYA listener Lance G. sends this report from an advance screening of "Knocked Up," the new film from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen.

"Not to give the ending away via bad pun, but Judd Apatow’s latest comedy Knocked Up really delivers (the laughter is never aborted?).

While the rough cut is well over two hours, it’s still consistently funny throughout. The film will more than likely be trimmed down and if things go well, it will get tightened into a comedy even more solid than 40 Year Old Virgin. Much like Virgin, the plot of the film which has Rogen’s character impregnating Katherine Heigl’s, throwing the two into an unexpected relationship seems like something that you would find in an eighties film, but unlike Virgin, the plot works with the comedy instead of being tacked on top of the comedy.

While Katherine Heigl does a fine job in the film, it’s really Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd who shine together. Building on the chemistry created in the “you know how I know you’re gay?” scene from Virgin, the two use improvisation to add to a scene already written rather than as a base for the comedy, the result of which is that special heartwarming hilarity Apatow is known for.

Also keeping the chuckles going are Rogen’s friends and roommates played by Jason Segal, Jonah Hill, Martin Starr, and Jay Baruchel. While these Apatow favs provide solid frat-boy-reject humor, the best non-essential character is Martin Starr’s girlfriend in the film, Charlyne Yi who takes “stoned misfit loser” to an absurd yet disturbingly realistic level. Apatow also manages to fit in great parts for BJ Novak, Adam Scott, and Harold Ramis (a perfect fit as Rogen’s dad).

Personally, I can’t wait for the release of this movie, not only because it’s so entertaining, but because it’s so damned quotable and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone."

Jasper T. Redbone on Comedy Central


The Sound of Young America's old pal Jasper Redd was featured on the Comedy Central video podcast recently. Above is his clip. Love that guy. Speaking of, does anyone have a digital version of his appearance on Def Comedy Jam earlier this year?

Podcast: Untitled Thorn/Morris Project Ep. 2

Episode two of The Untitled Thorn/Morris Project is here!

In this episode...

Intro and Discussion of Possible Show Names

Jesse and Jordan discuss new names for the show, and settle on four finalists. One is an allusion to Rushmore, two are allusions to William Carlos Williams, one is something they kind of agree could be on a novelty t-shirt in 1995:

The Bombardment Society
Say It!
The Untitled Jordan Morris Project
The Stupidity of Man

They decide to put them up to a vote!

What will replace Pirates?

Ian calls in to suggest WWI Flying Aces.

Jordan agrees in principle, but thinks maybe it lacks a certain sexy element that helps for theme parties. Jesse reminds him how sexy the Red Baron is in the Red Baron Pizza commercials.

We also hear from Aaron, who suggests Frogmen and Vikings. Jesse and Jordan discuss vikings, as Jordan feels Vikings are too same-old, same-old. Frogmen are applauded, but

Jesse suggests cavemen, which Jordan roundly rejects.


John Hodgman called the court to order in the matter of Jordan v. Lauren, with respect to who should buy stuff for their house.

Lauren presented her case -- she had bought lots of stuff for the apartment she shared with Jordan, and he had bough almost nothing. Upon further questioning, it came out that Lauren doesn't have a real bedroom, but rather sleeps in a den.

Jordan countered that he had bought some mugs, and his mother had bought them a set of bowls and plates from Ikea.

Jordan described himself as a simple guy, who has never owned much. Jesse added that Jordan's dad once gave him a folding camping chair, and Jordan described the U-Store-It, rented by his vagabond father.

Judge Hodgman asked Lauren what restitution she sought. Lauren said she wanted some financial support, but wasn't sure what it should be.

An Amicus Brief was heard from Scamboogah, who argued that they should get out of the situation entirely.

In closing arguments, it came to light that Jordan and Lauren eat with small plastic Ikea children's forks, and sit on the floor because they have no chairs.

(Music: "Burning Buildings" by Total Annihilation)

Judge Hodgman renders his decision

(Music: "Like You" by The Moops)

Would You Rather

Jim Real, the Master of Would You Rather, asks: WOULD YOU RATHER... develop an immunity to the common cold... or win three olympic gold medals?


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Final Name Survey!


OK, we just taped the second episode of what has to this point been called The Untitled Thorn/Morris Project, but we want to pick a name.

So... we've narrowed it down to four finalists:

The Bombardment Society
Untitled Thorn/Morris Project
The Stupidity of Man
Say It!

Click here to take the one-question survey that will determine our new name!

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