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Untitled Thorn/Morris Project: The New Podcast from


It's here!

"Untitled Thorn/Morris Project" is the new podcast from Your hosts Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart" and Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective" will steal your hearts with irreverent chat, psuedo-celebrity guests, and MAXIMUM FUN.

Here's a rundown of Episode One:

* An extensive discussion of the man who hawks loogies outside of Jesse's apartment window.

* Why are we doing the podcast? Vanity, primarily. We also want people to call us at 206-384-4FUN.

* We used to get a lot of calls from weeeeeeird Santa Cruzians. For example -- people who opposed the flouridation of water (apparently they didn't realize that Dr. Strangelove was a work of satire).

* A guy who worked at our station, Bob, lived in the woods. Not in a house in the woods, but literally in the woods, under a tarp. This was not considered especially unusual at our station.

* Why did the white reggae djs speak in faux-Jamaican patois sometimes, but not other times?

* Jesse talks about adjusting to life in LA -- Jordan points out that compared to Orange County, LA is Valhalla. They agree that while it's hacky to talk about the traffic in LA, it really is unbelievable -- and unpredictable.

* Jordan runs down his LA apartment history. Now he lives with our pal Lauren... he doesn't have any stuff, Lauren wants to have stuff. What should we do? We're gonna get Lauren on the show, call us and share a question for Jordan and Lauren that you think would help, or tell us what you think of the situation. Has this ever happened to you? 206-984-4FUN.

* Hang it up:


* Keep it Up



* What should we call the show?
* What's a good replacement for pirates (culturally speaking)?
* How can we settle Jordan's housemate dispute?
* What's your worst holiday memory, that's funny looking back?

Call 206-984-4FUN to share your thoughts on these ACTION ITEMS.

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What should we name it?


What do you all think we should name the new podcast?

Something I just thought of after days of dissapointment and decided I liked a lot: The Bombardment Society.


In the advertising business...


...this is what's known as a "teaser."

(photo taken 12/3/2006)

The Sound of Young America Collections


I'm very excited to announce the availability of The Sound of Young America in a brand-new form... CD collections!

Thanks to our friends at PodDisc, you can now purchase professionally manufactured collections of the program on MP3-CD. Each CD contains four months' worth of broadcasts -- about 20 hours of audio -- and can be played on your computer, transferred to your iPod, or even played on many late-model car stereos and home CD and DVD players.

The CDs are only $9 each, and the price drops even further if you purchase them by year (three CDs for $25), or if you purchase a complete archive -- six CDs for $40.

Not only is it a great way to have all our shows at your fingertips, it's also a great way to give The Sound of Young America as a gift, or share it with friends. And of course, the proceeds support your favorite show!

Visit to order now!

AND if you order this week, and use the coupon code "MAXIMUMFUN", you get 10% off. That's good till the end of Monday 12/11. Go!

Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 for $34


Arrested Development seasons 1-3 are only $34, total, right now at $11 a set ain't bad. Merry Christmas.

Jordan on the red carpet...


Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective," visits red carpet film premiers for the Fuel TV program "The Daily Habit," typically dressed in a stupid outfit. Here's his most recent segment, filmed at the premier of "Pirates of the Carribean 2"

The Short Films of Louis CK

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Comedian and American Hero Louie CK is not only video podcasting he's also posted a number of his short films on YouTube. Above is "The Legend of Willie Brown." There are more here.

How to hear our holiday special before anyone else...


I'm planning on podcasting our 2006 holiday special on December 15th. That's two long weeks from now. I'm guessing, though, that you don't want to wait two weeks to hear from Paul Feig, Mike Birbiglia, Kasper Hauser, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, Jon Benjamin, The Polyphonic Spree and the Kids Martian Choir (from "Santa Clause Conquers the Martians").

So, what can you do?

Here's the show on PRX, the Public Radio Exchange. PRX is a clearinghouse for public radio content -- stations from around the country get programming here. Stations in Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Cleveland and Santa Fe have all picked up TSOYA shows from the site this year.

What's cool is that PRX is open to the public -- both if you want to listen, and... here's the kicker... if you want to review.

So, go to PRX, register (free, super quick, completely non-spammy), and listen to the show. Then, if you can, leave a thoughtful review. Good reviews mean big things for TSOYA!

(And while you're there and signed in, you can listen to other cool stuff, like Bob & Ray, Jonathan Katz's one hour special, or John Hodgman's The Little Grey Book Lectures.

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