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Prince & Sheila E. in 1986


This clip of Prince and Sheila E. rocking "A Love Bizarre" in 1986 answers the question: "Can Prince rock it in heels and pink halter-top pajamas?" with an unequivocal "Yes!"

Weekend Edition Responds!

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Last week, I wrote to NPR's Weekend Edition, complaining about NPR's editorial treatment of hip-hop culture. The reporter of the piece I referenced responded. Now, I've gotten a response from NPR - and what an eloquent, touching and personalized response it is:

Dear Jesse,

Thank you for contacting NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday.

We appreciate your thoughts.

Making decisions about covering the events that impact our everyday lives
is never easy. We make every attempt to ensure that the segments and
stories you hear on NPR programming, and the attention devoted to them, are
valid and appropriate.

We welcome praise, as well as criticism, and your thoughts will be taken
into consideration.

Additionally, your message has been forwarded to NPR's Office of the
Ombudsman. For more information about the role of the NPR Ombudsman, please

We are grateful for your comments to NPR News. Your feedback is important
to us, and your thoughts have been noted.

NPR is always delighted to hear from listeners!

Thank you again for listening to Weekend Edition Sunday, and for your
continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and
information, visit

NPR Services

The Maria Bamford Show


Hard N Phirm - "El Corazon"


The passion of Romanticas + the informational value of a high school biology lecture = PURE, UNADULTERATED HILARITY.

Open Season on TSOYA!


I've open the floor to comments and criticisms on the forum. What would you change about The Sound of Young America empire? I want to hear about anything from broken links to major structural changes.

Right now folks are discussing whether the new format of the podcast (with a discrete podcast for each guest, rather than a weekly hour-long show), a few literal broken links, a desire for more indie rock guests, and more.

I'm open to anything, and I promise not to hold any criticism against anyone! Go for it! BLANKET AMNESTY!

Interview: The Walsh Brothers


I've already sung the praises of The Walsh Brothers this week, but I thought I'd offer a little insight into these two great comics. I interviewed David, the elder Walsh, via email.

Did one of you start performing before the other? Has it always been a duo?

We started performing separately. Our first times were probably within a month of each other, and both were inauspicious beginnings.

I think I went up first in college at a coffeehouse thing and had the plug pulled on me for being offensive (coincidentally chris did the show a year later and they loved him and gave him a mug full of treats and mentioned how they had a comedian the year before who was awful and offensive and the worst (the worst?) and chris said, "that was my brother."

Chris's third time on stage he opened for Michael Winslow and Bill Bellamy in front of 3,000 kids and they booed him the second he emerged from the wings. The boos and screams were consistent throughout and actually went up a couple octaves when chris decided on a little piece of physical comedy.

I was sitting in the audience with my mother videotaping the show (which is now in a swiss vault called our nightstand) and right before he disappeared behind the curtain (the stage was immense) a gentleman two rows in front of us, stood up and exclaimed, "Yeah we showed your ass... you faggoty ass bitch."

We have been performing together for almost 3 years now.

Did you have any models for your act? Was there something you were shooting for?

Unfortunately, we have no models for our act. I think it would be easier if we did. This maniac who we love convinced us to treat the stage like a sandbox: go out there and fuck around. Which is great and helped us develop. The only thing is we've never learned how not to do that. So the shows we put on ourselves are what we do best. When we're in a situation with boundaries (tv stuff/showcase sets) it's not the best.

Is there something about Boston? Some quality that it has that's reflected in your work?

This is a hard one to answer. Clearly we're from Boston and we sound like we're from Boston and Boston Boston Boston.

It seems to be a nature/nurture thing. Clearly Boston and its whatever is reflected throughout our work, but is it because we have lived here all our lives or the other thing.

Tell me a bit about your upcoming road trip, and why you're doing it.

Everything we have ever known is pretty much our little neighborhood. Until [we performed at] Aspen last year, we had never been west of Hershey, PA. When we decided to move to LA, we figured we'd take our time getting to our future home because we don't know how long we'll be there. See Amazin' America.

We booked ourselves in comedy clubs across the country for a few months, leaving time for adventures and funnin'.

What's the worst thing that each of you has ever done to the other?

There's not really a worst. we don't have that type of relationship that most people associate with brothers. we reserve the meanness for everyone else.

I'm older and because I always found Chris to be the funniest person in the world (he's an entertaining machine) I always wanted him around to make me laugh. It ended up being jackassy stuff but he loved it. Still does.

I'd tell him to kiss beautiful and non-beautiful women on the ass; strip naked and walk through crowded places like a sasquatch (the "naked yeti"); trip with popcorn running through a crowded theater during key movie scenes....

The Walsh Brothers perform Saturday night at 7PM at the UCB Theater in New York. The Sound of Young America is proud to sponsor their show. For reservations, click here.



After a few weeks of mutterings... THE HIGH FIVE CONTEST IS GO!

The rules: join the TSOYA Flickr Group. Take and post photographs of yourself high fiving, add them to the group pool and tag them "awesomehighfive." One point for each photo. One bonus point for each of the following:

An airborne High Five
A five in front of a monument or major tourist attraction
A Polaroid Five
A Five with a Co-worker
A Celebrity Five (loosely interpreted)
A Child or baby (as above)
An animal (for example, dog)

Please keep track of your own point total. I will double check in the case of disputes.


The OVERALL WINNER gets many COOL PRIZES, including (but perhaps not limited to):

A Stephen Colbert "We're not braniacs on the Nerd Patrol" t-shirt from
An SCTV: Best of the Early Years DVD set from Shout! Factory.
A selection of MUSIC from
& probably more as time unfolds.

I haven't decided on the closing date, but it will likely be the end of February.

The King of Rock & Soul


Solomon Burke - "Everbody Needs Somebody" (Live on Top of the Pops)

Solomon Burke with Van Morrison - "Fast Train" (circa 2004)

If you've never heard Solomon Burke's 1985 live album Soul Alive!, you owe it to yourself. The most electric live album I've ever heard -- two hours of one of the greatest singers of our time in a small venue packed with people just WAILING. What a singer Burke is. Truly a special genius, the one and only King of Rock and Soul.

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