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Hate Mail Roundup


It's been a long time since I've gotten any hate mail - largely because there isn't much casual listenership in the world of podcasting. But I got a great one tonight!

I just listened to an MP3 from the interview conducted with the guest being Brendon Small from Dethklok. I am a 30 year old software developer from Salt Lake City. I loved Brendon, but the guy interviewing him was an idiot. DJ's across America need to realize, especially your DJ conducting this interview, that they are not the focal point of these celebrity interviews. I can never listen to your show because that guy was utterly annoying. Good thing Brendon was so good and I got to listen to some Dethklok.

just thought you should know,

Mike Benedict

Want to hear the chat between Brendon Small and idiot DJ Jesse Thorn? Here's the MP3!

Adding a TSOYA player to your website...


Want to add The Sound of Young America to your MySpace page, or your blog, or your livejournal, or your whatever? Just click here. It's nice (see the one I added to the right?) and you can change the colors to match your site's decor.



A very interesting story ran on NPR yesterday about a man trying to change the interviewing culture at ESPN. Here's the link.

However, the real treat isn't the story itself. It's the bonus material. Click on the link on the left which says, "CBC Interview with Trucker About Beaver Attack." It's the greatest thing ever. Reminds me of when I used to listen to As It Happens in the afternoons... they'd always have an interview with someone in Halifax who resucitated a frozen moose which lived under their yard or something. What a story, though.

Jonathan Coulton & John Hodgman in Massachusetts


Our pal John Hodgman points us to this program, headed by his compatriot Jonathan Coulton, whose music has been heard on The Sound of Young America upwards of two times, and is very funny. It is in a place called "Montague, MA."


The Montague Bookmill/Lady Killigrew.
Sat., Aug. 19, 8 PM
Local author and impresario John Hodgman will soon leave the Pioneer Valley area after a summer of residency and internet-theft at the Lady Killigrew Cafe and the Montague Bookmill of Montague, MA.
But before he goes, he wishes to introduce the western counties to the song stylings of JONATHAN COULTON in a night of SONGS ABOUT ZOMBIES, MATH, AND FEELINGS.
JONATHAN COULTON, in addition to his masthead position of "Contributing Troubadour" at Popular Science magazine (absolutely true), is featured prominently on the audio edition of Hodgman's bestselling book THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE, and his many many songs (A NEW ONE EVERY WEEK!), including "Mandlebrot Set," "Re: Your Brains," and "Baby Got Back", have been heard on PODCASTS THROUGHOUT THE LAND.

Hodgman will introduce Coulton, and following the show, he will guest-bar tend at the Lady Killigrew while Coutlton will sit at the bar and guest-drink. EVEN IF YOU LOATHE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, COME WATCH THIS STRANGE BIT OF THEATER DEVOLVE TO ITS INEVITABLE, TRAGIC CONCLUSION!
Both will sign books and CDs and discuss TOPICS OF INTEREST.
Three copies each of Hodgman's as-yet-unreleased PAPERBACK and AUDIO EDITION of his book will be given FREE to the first six people to purchase Coulton materials.

Jim Henson's Wilkin's Coffee Ads


For people who like Jim Henson's Muppets, here's a duo of proto-Muppets shilling Wilkin's Coffee, sadly gone now. It's a cross between The Muppet Show and Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. The voices are eerily reminiscent of Kermit the Frog and Harry monster. For fans of hyper-caffeinated bloodless puppet violence only.

John C. Reilly and Alan Arkin on Fresh Air


The Bastion calls our attention to an interview with Alan Arkin on Fresh Air. Arkin was a very early member of The Second City. He's gotten some (deserved) shine for his wonderful performance in the slightly hoaky but very funny Little Miss Sunshine. On the same show is a great old interview with Damon Wayans, who is a really interesting guy, despite his missteps.

Also, last week John C. Reilly returned to Fresh Air, and demonstrated that he is pretty much as good a guy as you could possibly hope.

And hey, did you read the AV Club's interview with Arkin? He seriously co-wrote "The Banana Boat Song?"

Jordan's on Tom Goes to the Mayor tonight...


Jordan interned at Tom Goes to the Mayor between jobs a year or so ago, while they were working on season two. The coolest thing he got to do was dress up in a gorilla suit, and be photographed a million different ways for tonight's episode of the show.

Voice of Jordan by Brian Doyle-Murray.

"ZOO TROUBLE!" Premieres TONIGHT @ 12:30.
Tom and the Mayor team up to renovate the Jefferton Public Zoo. (Special Guest: Brian Doyle Murray)

Inspiration strikes!


Joe Garden, Features Editor of The Onion and Sound of Young America Guest Blogger, was bitten by the blogging bug while filling in for me during my recent move.

His new blog is called Needle Dropper, and it highlights the depths of his record collection.

I guess I'm old...


because my kid brother knows the kids who made this track, which is currently exploding the Yay Area. Sheesh, these guys loook like they're about 12. And the track is kinda hot.

The Pack "Vans"

Podcast: Formed a Band with Eddie Argos of Art Brut and Paul Malmont


This week on The Sound of Young America, we've FORMED A BAND! Whether it's for rocking or for adventure, it's best to work in groups.

Paul Malmont is the author of the rollicking novel "The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril." The book follows writers Walter Gibson ("The Shadow"), Lester Dent ("Doc Savage") and L. Ron Hubbard ("Dianetics") as they fight their way through 1930s America. The three authors are locked in a battle with Chinese tongs, dangerous dames, and their own sense of artistic integrity, as they race to find the ending to one of the greatest unfinished stories ever told. Bonus: hear Malmont read from the book below!

Eddie Argos is the lead singer and writer for Art Brut. The band's energetic sound, wry lyrics and rock & roll spirit have endeared them to the indie rock world. Their first LP, "Bang Bang Rock & Roll" was recently released in the US, along with the singles "Formed a Band" and "Emily Kane." They've also started franchising the band, and there are spinoff Art Bruts all over the world.

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