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#212 - Best Hanna-Barbera Cartoon with Clint McElroy

Clint McElroy

Happy #MaxFunDrive! We're kicking things off by talking toons with the patriarch of the McElroy clan, Clint McElroy, who is predictably knowledgeable and a wonderful human being.

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The Greatest Discover Ep 44: Star Trek Canasta


When Discovery pays a visit to Section 31, we find out there's more than 31 flavors and definitely more than 31 mines. But when Airiam tags along on an away team it's time for the space suits to really kick into gear. Will Spock and Michael come to an agreement? Have we lost Stamets' quips? Don't forget to save your memories.

It's the episode that gives you a god shot, but saves you the Rod shot!


CIPYD 182: MaxFun Drive and Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian

Happy Max Fun Drive!

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On top of the drive we have the BEST guest this week! Jackie Kashian, brilliant stand up and co-host of The Jackie and Laurie show is here to tell us all about her pups and some fantastic dog-movie reviews. We also have a hilarious Facebook thread and a My Mutt Minute!

Donate! Listen! Enjoy!

It's the MaxFunDrive!


The best two weeks of the year are finally here! If you aren't familiar with the MaxFunDrive, it's two jam-packed weeks full of our greatest episodes, fantastic Drive-exclusive gifts, in-person meetups, tons of fun on social media, and a big celebration of our community (including YOU!)

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So. TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND. Think we can do it? I do, but I know we'll need your help.

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Those Gifts!

This is my favorite part of this email. I'm SO excited to tell you about these gifts we've had to keep secret for so long! If you're already a member THANK YOU SO MUCH! We love you, and I hope you're enjoying all the bonus content right now. If you're thinking of upgrading your membership, or if you considering becoming a member, here's the cool stuff you could get:

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Ok, I think that's everything for now! If you have any questions along the way, please email so we can help! Thanks! AND HAPPY MAXFUNDRIVE TO ONE AND ALL!

Go Fact Yourself with Dunn, Sterling, Brody and Perkins!

03/24/2019 - 17:00 - 21:00
Los Angeles
Venue Name: 
Angel City Brewery

216 Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

RSVP for free.

Join us for a double header live taping of Go Fact Yourself, a game show podcast from J. Keith van Straaten, Jim Newman, and Maximum Fun. Go Fact Yourself features comedians, actors and musicians answering arcane questions on topics they claim to be experts in. But don't worry, if they slip up, there are real experts on hand to give us the facts!

This is two shows in one night! Only one RSVP is needed.

Host: J. Keith van Straaten!

Co-host: Helen Hong!


5:00pm: Mindy Sterling and Dylan Brody!

7:00pm: Gaby Dunn and Dwayne Perkins!

Please note, lineup is subject to change.

Age policy:
Children who are 13 or under are allowed in until 8pm with a parent. People ages 14-20 are not allowed into the venue at all. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Story Break #100: Second Chances

Story Break

We tackle breaks from the first ONE HUNDRED EPISODES we feel deserve a second chance...

Matt Arnold is @mattlarnold Will Campos is @willbcampos Freddie Wong is @fwong because he got on Twitter way before those two

Stop Podcasting Yourself 574 - Erica Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

It’s week 1 of MaxFunDrive 2019 so we’ve invited one of our favourite guests. Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk inventions, toast, and open mics.

Please support the show by going to

Download episode 574 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org"
Phone us at (844)779-7631 (or UGH-SPY-POD1)
Mailing address: Suite 144 - 6362 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC V5W 0A1

The Jackie and Laurie Show #168: Too Tired To Fight Back


This week on the Jackie and Laurie Show, dead comics, sittin' with Uncle Dirty, and not ashamed to steal.

Comic of the Week: Carolyn Castiglia @missckc

We have a website! Laurie made it!


Buy Laurie's new book Dead People Suck!

Follow @jackiekashian and @anylaurie16 on Twitter!

Mini-episode! For Real This Time! - MaxFunDrive is here! Shane Dawson says I DID NOT F*** MY CAT, JK Rowling's New Gay Potter Lore, Brent's 2020 Minute


It's so mini, you don't even need the timecodes.
Sit back, relax and enjoy, briefly!
So This is Monday
Bevs Like These
Brent and Travis's Cincinnati Show!
Courtney at C2E2!

Episode 36 - Pearl written by Andrew Reich

Julia Duffy as Pearl
Tony Hale as Billy
Alice Wetterlund as Olivia
Craig Cackowski as Kurt
Atsuko Okatsuka as Sara
Tawny Newsome as Shelby/Waitress/Quinn
Keiko Agena as Arlene
Kevin Pollak as Len
Guy Branum as Doctor Hudson/Radio Announcer/Student #2
Joel Kim Booster as Henry/Student #1
Carla Cackowski as Deedee
Lucy Davis as Joy
Will Choi as Travis/Cicerone

HAPPY MAX FUN DRIVE!! This month's episode was recorded live at SF Sketchfest 2019! It’s Andrew's all-time favorite of his own dead pilots. Inspired by his own mother, "Pearl" tells the story of a woman who receives a diagnosis of terminal cancer, and decides to use the time she has remaining to orchestrate the lives of her loved ones to her liking. Before the read, you'll hear Ben’s interview with Andrew where he discusses the process of developing this very personal story into a network sitcom. Enjoy!

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