The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 261: Odo Needs a Dad (DS9 S4E12)


When First Minister Shakaar pays a visit to the station, Odo and Worf will have to figure out how to collaborate as security men. But when the Constable’s crush on Kira starts to impact his job performance, he sets himself up for a Japanese warrior level defeat. If a baby killed Shakaar, would it become First Minister? When is Kira flirting? Is something stopping Quark from getting a different apartment? It’s the episode that makes it clear that Kira is a real Neffie Beaumont type.

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The Jackie and Laurie Show #176: Who Is That?


This week on the Jackie and Laurie Show, doubling down, it's supposed to be fucking jokes, and replicating conversations...

Comic of the Week: Steph Garcia @realstephgarcia

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Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 3): Sound of Soul Edition


Ross and Carrie cross town on a weeknight to join their fellow Eckists in singing "the sacred sound that can help you meet life's challenges." After a lengthy HU, they chat with longtime chelas (students of Eck) and continue their studies of the inspired writings by and about the Living Eck Masters. PLUS, what's up with that missing mahanta?

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Pop Rocket Ep 223 - Charlie Says with Screenwriter Guinevere Turner

Pop Rocket
Guinevere Turner

This is the first of our three final episodes, and we’re joined by screenwriter Guinevere Turner (American Psycho,Go Fish) whose latest film Charlie Says just came out today, May 10th. As “budding cult-ologist” MagWaps notes, “if you think you’ve heard everything on the Mansons, trust me, this movie takes a different view.”

Having grown up in a cult, Guinevere was able to draw from her experiences and insight to tell the story from the point of view of the women who were targeted and groomed by Manson, and killed for him. It’s a fascinating discussion.

Plus, the panel convened once again to vote on another Pop Rocket Seal of Approval. The final three nominees were Sandra Oh, Toni Collette and Catherine O’Hara.

There are two more Pop Rocket episodes to go in its nearly five-year run. If you’d like to share with the panelists what this show meant to you, or tell them about your favorite episodes, you can call Guy’s mom and leave a message at: (530) 237-4108

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That's My Jam

Margaret: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Guy: John Cale - Paris 1919

Karen: Heart - Never

Wynter: Tame Impala - Borderline

Guinevere: King Princess - 1950

With Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, Margaret Wappler, Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh, Guinevere Turner

Produced and edited by Laura Swisher for

Who Shot Ya? Episode 88: 'Long Shot' with Special Guest Host Brodie Reed and TV Writer Brendan Hay

Who Shot Ya?
Brodie Reed
Brendan Hay

Long Shot

On this week's episode, please welcome to the hosting chair, special guest host, comedian Brodie Reed! This great man helps the crew dissect the new Charlize Theron/ Seth Rogen rom-com, Long Shot. They are also joined by TV writer Brendan Hay (Harvey Girls Forever, Dawn of the Croods, Robot Chicken). They discuss their favorite school movies. And, as always, staff picks.

In news, Sonic the Hedgehog switches gears, Jacki Weaver tells Anjelica Huston "she can go fuck herself", director Joe Carnahan goes crazy on the critics.

Staff Picks:

Alonso - The Burial of Kojo
Brendan - Under the Silver Lake
April - Sightseers
Brodie - Native Son

With Alonso Duralde, Brendan Hay, April Wolfe, and Brodie Reed.

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Trump Pulls Emergency Lever, Georgia’s Terrible Abortion Law, Trump’s Taxes Released, Jacob Wohl is a Big Ol’ Liar, Marijuana Breathalyzer, Facebook Co-Founder’s Surprising Opinion, How Andrew Yang Beats Bernie Sanders, James Cameron’s Weird Tweet



INTRO - 0:27


Jacob Wohl: S**thead
Marijuana Breathalyzer
Georgia’s Terrible Abortion Bill


AG William Barr Held In Contempt
Trump’s Taxes Partially Released
Mueller Report Update

TIDBITS - 59:19

Facebook Co-Founder Calls for Breaking it Up
Andrew Yang Beats Bernie Sanders
Kentucky Derby
James Cameron’s Titanic Gaffe

WI-FIVE – 1:08:12

OUTRO – 1:10:10



Hello Internet! This week's episode is all about AUCTIONS! We also talk a lot about raffles, Antiques Roadshow, and for some reason Bingo... Anyway, enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: David Crosby

David Crosby

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Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

David Crosby on The Byrds, CSN and his recovery from drugs.

Bullseye takes a look back at our conversation with folk rock legend David Crosby. His work paved the way for the folk rock movement. He was a founding member of The Byrds and performed at Woodstock as a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. With a career that has spawned over 50 years and two inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, David is a living legend.

Like many other great rock legends, David had his troubles with drugs. He eventually got sober, but only after an extended stay in a Texas state prison. You might expect a musician to start slowing down in his late 70s, but Crosby’s writing more than ever and working nearly every minute he can. He's the subject of a new documentary about his life called David Crosby: Remember My Name. It premiered at Sundance and is playing at festivals right now all over the country. You can also catch David on tour this year. Click ”here” for tour dates.

This interview originally aired in November of 2016

Photo:ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images

The Outshot: Ray Barretto

Jesse recommends the groundbreaking 1968 salsa album Acid by percussionist Ray Berretto and how its melding of salsa, bugalú and jazz created something unique for the emerging Latin communities.

Friendly Fire Ep 70: Crash Dive (1943)

Friendly Fire

Love triangles can feel like a sinking sub—especially when looking back through the lens of our current time. And on today's episode, Ben, John, and Adam are the only born commandos reviewing this 1943 drama!

Come see Friendly Fire Live!

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Next Film: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)
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It's the Pooh Prescription (Black Women Authors, Met Ball, Salt n Peppa)

Minority Korner

This week Nnekay is brining another book list for you babies, this time it tackles Black Women Writers of 2018 from famed black lady magazine, Essence. James is bringing another Quizlet to cover some hot topics including but not limited too, Sam Smith, Brunei, and Salt n Peppa. Before we get into the korners, we're talking about Beyonce (still), the Met Ball, the Royal Baby, What is Camp, and James has a TV show recommendation for ya.


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