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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 420: You Gotta Nugget That with Josie Long

Josie Long

Josie Long, England's number one celebrity, joins Jordan and Jesse for the second week of MaxFunDrive 2016. Jordan's local Shakey's Pizza Parlor has upped their game, Josie loves eating in America, and Jesse's son Simon has an ambitious new project.

Plus, Jordan has a new incentive to add to the list of MaxFunDrive bonuses for new and upgrading donors! Go to to support the shows you love.

The Flop House: Episode #200 - Nothing but Trouble

The Flop House
John Hodgman

It’s the moment we promised would never happen: we watched Elliott and Dan’s stated least-favorite movie of all time, Nothing but Trouble. (Don’t worry – despite Elliott’s joking claim that if we ever did this film it would be our last, this is NOT our final episode). And to help us out with this special MAX FUN DRIVE episode (donate!), we welcome self-proclaimed minor television celebrity, Mr. John Hodgman. Meanwhile, Elliott breaks out his “Jane Campion accent, Stuart reveals his popcorn secrets, And Hodgman joins in at making fun of Dan’s pronunciation.

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Sting
Broadcast News
The Housemaid

Maximum Fun Drive Progress Report: 3515 New and Upgrading Members


As MaxFunDrive Week One draws to a close, we are officially at 3,515 new and upgrading members! Whaaaaat! You are totally killing it! We have one week left to get 1,500 more new and upgrading members to hit our goal.

I hope you're listening to all of the wonderful episodes our shows are putting out this week. And I'm not talking bonus episodes. Their normal episodes this week are so good it's going to feel like they're bonus episodes. That's how hard our hosts are working to bring you the best they've got.

If you haven't joined or upgraded yet, think about doing it this weekend. Or think about doing it now. Or just do it now. Like, right now. Whatever fits best into your lifestyle.

And if you have donated already, thank you so very much for helping Maximum Fun possible. We wouldn't be here without you. Have a stellar weekend!



Happy MaxFun Drive to all! Can we give you a TIP? Tipping can be confusing! There are so many different instances that do (or don't!) require tipping! Add in to the regional specificity and it can get mind boggling! Do you tip hotel room cleaners everyday or once a trip? How much for fancy shmancy bar drinks? Do you tip people who tough your bags? Why do we have to tip any way? How did it all get started? Find out all that and MORE! Don't forget to support the shows you love by going to!

The The Adventure Zone Zone


Happy MaxFunDrive, everybody! To celebrate, we're doing a between-weeks episode of The The Adventure Zone Zone, an informal chat show about the rest of the podcast that we do. Join us for a discussion of Taako's Taco Quest, the origins of Barry Bluejeans and what's in store for future campaigns! And visit!

Instagram, Furries, Politics Round Up, Neil deGrasse Tyson


Hey there Cool Kid! Welcome to our first MaxFunDrive episode! We are so excited and we hope you are too! We have a lot to cover on this episode, so buckle up! First, Instagram is planning a new way to display their timeline. Some Syrian refugees ended up mingling with a Furry Convention! Also, let's learn a little about Furries! We've got a bunch of stories in Politics Round Up! Weird KKK endorsements, weird Ben Carson endorsements, weird Boehner endorsements and so much MORE! Neil deGrasse Tyson is a very popular smart guy, but he really put his foot in his mouth! You know, what he said really reminds us of a song... All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Don't forget to go to and support Trends Like These!

TS226: Hillary Clinton,Nancy Reagan,Susan Lynn,MaxFunDrive


It's that time of the year, honeybunz. Throwing Shade needs your support, but don't take it from Bryan and Erin - take it from donor experts Milan Paris and Everly Brother. Plus, Bryan breaks down Hillary Clinton's misstep regarding the Reagans and AIDS, while Erin goes down to Tennessee to talk about Rep. Susan Lynn, a woman who doesn't believe women deserve equal pay. Cool! And remember - go to to give your gets!

Sawbones: Your Goofiest Medical Questions: Answered


It's #MaxFunDrive time and Justin and Sydnee are marking the occasion with a special episode in which all of your goofiest, most embarrassing medical questions will be answered by Dr. Sydnee.

Subscribe on iTunes! then, tweet about or follow the show on Twitter (@Sawbones) so all your friends and family can be as horrified and entertained as you.

Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Pop Rocket: Episode 63 Zombieing, SxSW & Memes

Margaret, Christian & Guy
Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Wynter Mitchell
Oliver Wang
Margaret Wappler

Join the #MaxFunDrive, support our work and get fantastic thank you gifts by visiting

Wynter reports live from SxSW, Margaret learns about Eggplant Friday, Guy Gushes about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Oliver is double-about Kendrick's new “untitled,unmastered” EP.

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang and Margaret Wappler.

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

You can let us know what you think of Pop Rocket and suggest topics in our Facebook group or via @PopRocket on Twitter.

Produced by Colin Anderson & Christian Dueñas for

MaxFunDrive Progress Report: 2089 New and Upgrading Members!


Whoa. It's Day 3 of the MaxFunDrive and already 2089 of you have stepped up to become a new member or upgrade your membership! We are only halfway through week one and are nearly halfway to our goal of 5,000 new and upgrading members!

If you have already donated - thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone has been so incredible and kind and generous. You MaxFunsters really are the best fans in the biz.

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Let's keep up this amazing momentum! Get' em, get 'em, get 'em!

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