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CIPYD 199: Mark McConville and Rattlesnakes

Mark McConville

That's right friends, it's summertime and this episode is smokin'! Crumb's vacation is in full swing and Alexis tells us all about his first time at a fancy hotel! We also have extra spicy guest Mark McConville to tell us all about his wonderful dog Georgia and her wild time in rattlesnake avoidance class!

Grab a glass of something cold, because you'll need to cool down while you listen!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 57: Ketracel Thicc with J.K. Woodward


When Ben and Adam take a trip to the city of sin to infiltrate Big Rod's Star Trek Vegas, they only have a small idea of what was in store for them. But when greeted almost immediately by the talented J.K. Woodward it's time to grab a hoof and record some pod. What updates to the Mirror Universe can J.K. tell us? How many Vulcans fit in a swimming pool? Is anyone in the building participating in jamaharon or just craps?

It's the episode that keeps the lights on 24 hours a day!

Stop Podcasting Yourself 594 - Sophie Buddle

Sophie Buddle

Comedian Sophie Buddle joins us to talk about opening for Stuber, The Bachelorette, and surviving in prison.

Download episode 594 here. (right-click)

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Manneken Pis

Baby Geniuses

Hello babies!

And a special hello all you Raybies out there (a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond and Baby Geniuses)! Emily is neck deep in Raymond DVDs and powering through them a season at a time. On a much sadder note, Tuca & Bertie wasn't renewed for a second season by Netflix - go out there and let them know how disappointed you are! On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for "Manneken Pis," a bronze statue of a boy peeing. Manneken Pis is the best-known symbol of the people of Brussels!

MBMBaM 471: Face 2 Face: The Fraternity of Bones


We spent pretty much all of last week on Island Time, which means we didn’t have time to record our japes and post them online for you, our dear friends. Instead, please enjoy this VILE episode that we did in Cleveland, a city that we ruined, with our filth.

Transcript available here

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 56: Parking with Sharks

Lenny Tim
Ryan Whyman

Paula has two big questions: Will sharks kill her on her vacation, and could she make it as a valet parker? The first question remains open, but we have Lenny Tim from Vantage Parking to guide Paula... on our Career Corner. Also - fan art! And the preliminary results of Paula’s application to represent Frontier Communications in their “no smartphone” challenge!

Lenny Tim
Valet, Vantage Parking
IG: @lennytim

House band
Ryan Whyman, keyboard
IG: @whymaniac
Spotify: Ryan Whyman

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For $20 off a suitcase, visit and use promo code paula20 during checkout!

The Jackie and Laurie Show #188: Alpha Jackie


This week on the Jackie and Laurie Show, wikifeet, the top is off, and break your chunks up.

Comic of the Week: Nicole Blaine @nicoleblaine

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 273: Until Your Face is as Blue as Your Shirt (DS9 S4E24)


When a runabout with precious cargo sustains a banger, Bashir plays a cup and ball trick with Miles and Keiko’s unborn child. But when Quark gets a bad diagnosis, the Ferengis find themselves involved in yet another harebrained latinum scheme that could spell the end of Quark’s Bar. Is there some way Kira could save O’Brien a click? What does Brunt actually want to do with the pucks? Did Quark have an actionable religious epiphany? It’s the episode with the wall-eyed headboobs.

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Sawbones: Eli Lilly's Pot Farms


One of the nation's leading pharmaceutical companies once maintained one of the biggest marijuana farms in the country. This week on Sawbones, how Eli Lilly lost its taste for pot, and why it refuses to acknowledge its past.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Transcript available here

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