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Mission to Zyxx #L06: Crank the Dehumidifier [LIVE ft. Jon Gabrus]

Mission to Zyxx
Jon Gabrus

In this special Season 2 era episode, we return to a more innocent time – before the Planet Crushers were crushed, when little Beano was still wuvving life. Recorded LIVE at Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth in Los Angeles with guest Jon Gabrus!

The crew heads to the very polite planet NOSH to secure funding for the Rebellion against the Federated Alliance. C-53 reveals an experiment in progress. Dar gets sandy. Beano know the biz.

#223 - Race Car, Sports Car, or Luxury Car?


We hit the road once again to pick the best type of car, and dig deeper into Mark's trail of abandoned vehicles.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 587: Drop-A-Papa with David Gborie

David Gborie

David Gborie (All Fantasy Everything) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how much drama everyone's mama is bringing to the table, the overwhelming popularity of juggalos in David's hometown, and the results of our previous JJGo Calliseum where we asked people if they have ever been to the restaurant Vij's in Vancouver, have a bad experience at a Blink-182 concert, or have seen Tony! Toni! Toné! in concert in an attempt to find and experience that only 15 members of our audience has had.

Are you a Juggalo? Are you a Slavic person? Go to or call 206-984-4FUN to enter this week's Calliseum!

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Game of Thrones' John Bradley

John Bradley

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Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Game of Thrones' John Bradley on what it was like playing Samwell Tarly for eight seasons.

John Bradley was around 22 when he got the part that changed his life. He'd just graduated from theater school in Manchester, England. He'd done a little theater work, but never anything on camera before. He had just learned how to hit his mark and where to look when reading his lines.

So he got called in for an audition, literally his first ever. It was for a new show HBO was producing called Game of Thrones.

He got the part.

John played Samwell Tarly, John Snow's close friend, for eight years. The two characters meet when they both join the Night's Watch and the journey Samwell takes on the show is really unique.

In the beginning, it's clear that Sam isn't cut out for the Night's Watch. He isn't a natural warrior. He's heavyset. Kind of soft. He's smart, but he doesn't have a keen sense of realpolitik or manipulation. He's nice, maybe a little goofy.

And on any other show, you can pretty much guess his character's trajectory: maybe he stays a bumbling comic sidekick. Maybe he gets killed off tragically. Or maybe, somehow, he finds the warrior inside him and learns to fight just as well as the Hound or Ser Davos.

On Game of Thrones, none of that happens. The things he was bullied for: his kindness, his empathy, his bookishness… they turn out to be assets, not liabilities. He finds work as a maester and gains access to all of his word's knowledge at the Citadel. Sam plays a vital part in the battle against the dead… he's even the first to kill a White Walker!

And by the show's last episode, when all the great houses meet to figure out the future of Westeros... Sam finally has the respect of his peers.

CIPYD 190: Greg Behrendt and Cute Agression

Greg Behrendt

Hello friends!
Welcome back! Thank you for tuning in! This week we have the very funny Greg Behrendt (He's Just Not That Into You) to tell us about his pups and his family's dog show! We have some important Dog News about a dog friendly movie theater! We also have Dog Science about why we want to squeeze cute things! Plus, dog updates and a fabulous My Mutt Minute from Sam and Webster.

What are you waiting for? Tune in!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 52: Like a Doggy on a Couch (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2019: Captain Saru Part 2)


When the crew is in distress and there doesn't seem to be any solutions, it's time for our Discovery team to think outside the cell. But when Saru sneaks around in the shadows, some heads get knocked and some heroes are saved. Will Saru ever be permanent captain? Did they stop by Risa before running into the Enterprise? What type of shoes does Saru wear?

It's the episode that comes but once a year!

Ep. 11 - Emily Nussbaum "The Trick is to Find the Third Thing"

Emily Nussbaum

WE'RE BACK. A number of bumps in the road on the way to getting the last episode out resulted in the last episode becoming THIS episode; and THIS episode, is the Emily Nussbaum episode!
Emily is the former editor of Nerve, writer for Slate and the New York Times, Culture Editor of New York magazine, where she created the Approval Index (where I was over the moon to have once achieved a spot in the Lowbrow/Brilliant quadrant); current Television Critic at the New Yorker (that's three of the five major periodicals with New York in the very title); she is a Pulitzer Prize winner and has a new book coming out called, "I Like to Watch: Arguing my Way Through the TV Revolution."
This conversation was long and good. We covered deadlines, miniseries, "First Draft Men," soaps, the evolutions, upheavals, and regressions of television, criticism as art?, and much much more.
In fact, this episode WOULD'VE been longer had not one of those aforementioned bumps in the road been a digital failure that made a section of talk unrecoverable. It was when we started to discuss the amazing #Pen15 (on Hulu); but I wound up dropping us back in (after the second break) to the middle of that section because I felt like to lose it entirely would also have been to lose where the conversation went from there, re. women and storytelling in the industry, and I didn't want to lose that.
It's not hard to follow, but if a stray reference to #Pen15 throws you off for a second, that's why.
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Stop Podcasting Yourself 585 - Ivan Decker

Ivan Decker

Comedian Ivan Decker returns to talk grappling hooks, dog birthdays, and bad neighbourhoods.

Download episode 585 here. (right-click)

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Troubled Waters Episode 8: Ruin Eurovision vs Don't Ruin Eurovision

Troubled Waters
Mary Sasson
Susy Kane

Andrew Ti, Mary Sasson, and Susy Kane join host, Dave Holmesto settle once and for all, should we ruin Eurovision with an American version or should we keep it in Europe?

Team Ruin Eurovision
Mary Sasson and Andew Ti

Team Don't Ruin Eurovision
Susy Kane

This week, our contestants go on a tour across the globe, argue about spoilers, and celebrate Pride with a little bit of prejudice.

Andrew Ti wants to plug Yo Is This Racist? on Earwolf and recommends Plus One.

Mary Sasson wants to plug Bad Reception on Audible and recommends Teacher's Lounge on Earwolf.

Susy Kane wants to plug Lodge 49 on AMC and recommends The Vent Talk Show.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and would like to recommend Papi Chulo.

Find us on Twitter! We are @TroubledPod. You can also find us on Facebook .

Call us on the official Troubled Waters hotline! Our number is 323-300-4984. Our producers will have a new prompt for you to answer and we may just use your call on the show.

Don't want to pay those pesky international calling fees? Email us a voice memo!

Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

Everything's Coming Up Simpsons: Ep. 191 The 138th Episode Spectacular w/ Brendan Hay

Brendan Hay

We'll talk about the clip show of all clip shows with Brendan Hay. You've seen his work on "Dawn of the Croods," and as a writer on shows like "The Daily Show," and "Robot Chicken." Brendan's also the executive producer of "Harvey Girls Forever" on Netflix. Plus, he's written an episode of THE SIMPSONS. Make sure to stick around to the end – he'll explain how he ended up writing the season 20 finale.

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