Ross and Carrie Float: Isolation Tanks Edition


Ross and Carrie get enclosed in salt-water filled, pitch black pods and float for an hour, in an attempt to "find themselves." Learn how sensory deprivation tanks allegedly replace sleep, speed healing, remove toxins, and basically make you Mozart.

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Agree with last commenter

It sounded like a fun episode to listen to sins I have not tried my self and this is something I would like to try. But even with my limited knowledge even I knew that the main purpose is to be completely shielded off from the world.

I have always wondered how it would feel to be in a century deprivation tank after taken LSD. Lights/laser etc would then be fun to play with from time to time.

Ya did it wrong!

I am not a touchy feely hippie and I'm not at all mystical BUT I have used deprivation tanks as a form of relaxation and as a way to open up my mind. I don't know about this place you went but it sounds awful plus you did everything wrong.

It's a deprivation tank, so what's with all the lights and music nonsense? You have to go in there and float in dark silence. The first time I floated it was not great and I had a similar experience to you guys. I spent most of the time telling myself to relax. The first time you do something this strange it's naturally going to be distracting. However, the more I went that better I got at it.

I have to say, I was able to really get into some hidden places in my mind after I mastered the tank. The basic concept is not crazy at all and if you go regularly to a good place it can really be petty incredible.