Ross and Carrie Meet Paul and Oscar


Ross and Carrie sit down with Paul and Oscar, two members of the Aetherius Society, for a long and insightful conversation about George King, rocks of attainment, and this podcast's investigation methods. Find out what happens when four people all want to talk at once!

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It was really great to hear from actual believers of one of these seemingly kooky religions. Looking from the outside, a lot of these things sound ludicrous, but listening to these guys, you can really see how someone could think they make sense (I'd probably believe anything Paul said -- love that accent!). I still don't agree with most of it, but they certainly come off as sane, normal people, compared to, say, the exorcists or the prophecy people.

Have Paul and Oscar on again!

I also thought that they were starting to be a bit mean-spirited on this case. I'm glad this happened. Paul and Oscar did a wonderful job. Even if they didn't come on the show, I still would have checked out the Society. Too bad there is no group in my town. Everyone did great.

I look forward to more episodes like this or what Oscar suggested where group members are invited afterward. If only they are as nice as these 2 gentlemen.

Don't change

I think it's very good that you guys gave the aetherius society the opportunity to respond on your shows about them. But one thing I did not like was that they were criticising your methods of reporting on your findings.

Ross and Carrie have their own way of talking about spiritual movements, and I feel that you aren't ridiculing people, just reporting and sometimes making fun of some frankly ridiculous ideas.

Please don't let the subjects of your investigations dictate the way you report about them. Of course you will learn from every investigation, but don't change your podcast because the subjects of your shows don't agree with your methods.



I stopped listening half way through Part One. I was pretty sure I was going to give up on ONRAC because I was worried that you all had been drifting away from the spirit of the earlier episodes and toward something that was less skepticism and more mean-spirited.

I am glad I gave you another chance with this episode. It reminded me of the ONRAC episodes I first caught and fell in love with.

It was nice to hear Carrie take a step back and wonder "Did we mess up here?" and to have Paul and Oscar on to share their point of view (even if I don't agree with it). It shows a great deal of humanity and humility.

It was also nice to hear Carrie stand up for herself. I definitely did notice that the men were talking a lot more. And I am glad that she worked to get her answers addressed (even if they weren't).

Great job every one!

That's great

I'd been looking forward to an dreading this conversation, and I thought you two handled it well, with respect and grace, but holding your ground too and pushing for the answers you needed when the guest would veer off topic.