Ep. 19: Pregnancy: The Sexy Second Trimester

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One Bad Mother
Alice Bradley
Eden M. Kennedy

Biz and Theresa discuss the second trimester and tackle such issues as "feeling great: myth or fact," genetic testing, and all the things we are about to kiss good bye when the new baby comes. We are joined by Eden M. Kennedy and Alice Bradley, authors of Let's Panic About Babies.

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Let's Panic About Babies!, by Alice Bradley and Eden M. Kennedy
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Oh, I "Knew"!

I had my first son at 20, and I was SO smart! I'm telling you, genius. So genius, in fact, that I left my diaphragm in the nightstand drawer, and wound up getting pregnant within about a week of my first son's 1st birthday! Now, my first was planned - I had some health issues, and was told "now or never, maybe not even now", so 6 months after our wedding, my (now ex-)husband and I managed to make it happen.

Now, with my first child, I had no doubts, I wanted to know the gender. I was really hoping for a boy, and was very excited when the ultrasound gave me my wish.

So, with my second child, who was due 2 months or so prior to my first son's 2nd birthday, I decided I didn't really care what the gender was. Since getting pregnant was a surprise, I decided to leave the gender a surprise.

As time went on, I convinced myself that, since I was carrying different, I MUST be having a girl. Totally had to be a girl! I am one of those annoying moms, who loved being pregnant, and didn't have any of that nausea business, and felt like a million dollars. I felt sexier than at any other point in my life, even. But, with this second child, things were a little different. For example, my pelvic bone totally spread apart on like day 1, so I walked funny, and felt a bit weird. I also started having relatively regular Braxton-Hicks contractions at 21 weeks. They weren't painful, just a little annoying, and the docs said there were no real risks, for most people. Plus, I was totally carrying this baby differently!

So, even though I didn't confirm it, I just KNEW I was having a girl. Had to be.

Fast forward to birth, and it turns out, SHE had a PENIS! Oops! I totally had to scramble to figure out his name. None of the possible boy names we'd picked out were right for him - I had a ton of girl names, although I must admit, I've had my girl name picked out since I was 3, so that wasn't going to be a problem anyway.

Now that I'm 36, and have yet to have my girl, I look back at my 22 year old self, and have to laugh at the confidence.

- Saintless