One Bad Mother Episode 58: Body Image, with guest Jen McLellan of Plus Size Birth

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One Bad Mother
Jen McLellan

Like our postpartum bodies, nothing is where it should be! First, our kids are growing up too fast, and our friends are looking too depressingly perfect on FaceBook. Next, we jump into our topic: we call Jen McLellan of, who shares awesome tips for having the pregnancy and birth experience you want -- and loving your body -- no matter your size. Then Biz and Theresa break it down about our own post-baby body feelings and decide to get scantily-clad and take pictures of ourselves. That last part may or may not be true. Enjoy!

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Thank You!

I truly had a blast being interviewed by you awesome ladies! Thanks for putting a lot of honesty out there for us mamas who don't always look or act as perfect as we appear on Facebook. You rock! Jen