Pop Rocket: Episode 11 Kendrick Lamar, #ThatCism & MaxFunDrive

Wynter and Guy
Guy Branum
Wynter Mitchell
Jesse Thorn
Oliver Wang
Julian Burrell

Jesse Thorn drops by to explore American racism in his beloved signature segment, #ThatCism. Plus, Guy’s got an actual Jam!

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang, Jesse Thorn and special guest Julian Burrell.

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SimCity-esque game

There is a game that just came out in the past few weeks, called Cities: Skylines, which has been getting a lot of praise. It's only $30, too. I listen to video game podcasts and watch Polygon.com videos, so that's also where I've heard or seen it...might be worth taking a look at, at least: http://store.steampowered.com/app/255710/

Donation Question

Just became a maxfun donor. Then, literally the next day started to listening to pop rocket. How do I update my donation to include pop rocket in addition to mbmbam and TAZ?


Another great episode. And #Thatcisim touched on and came so very close to fully articulating something that has driven me absolutely nuts for about 20 years: Lazy (almost always white) commentators who conflate the deragatory use of an "N Word" that ends in "er" contextually spoken to be a derogatory insult with a similar sounding "n word" that ends in a "ga" that is contextually spoken as famillar greeting that indicates comradarie and shared experience.

Thank you very much for pointing to this because everytime there is an N word scandal some lazy white conservative will point the finger at some random rapper aproprot of nothing and say "he started it".

And almost nobody every addresses this facile bullshit ever.

The last time I saw 2 people thoughtfully discussing this in media was Dave Chapelle & Maya Angelou.
Probably the only time.

Anyway another great show
thoughtful revisit of Kimmy Schmidt
Lovlely quotes from 90yo NPR listeners who still don't know hip hops is.

I hope the drive went well.
I haven't subscribed yet but I promise I will ASAP

"Check's in the mail" - somebody who owes me money

Patrick Miller