Pop Rocket: Episode 34 Puppygate & Star Wars Land with Joan Ford & Rye Silverman

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Guy, Oliver, Rye and Joan
Guy Branum
Oliver Wang
Rye Silverman
Joan Ford

Comedians Joan Ford and Rye Silverman sit in for Wynter and Margaret to talk about TV shows that were cancelled too soon, whether we'd want to go to Disney's proposed Star Wars Land and what's been going on with the Hugo Awards.

With Guy Branum, Oliver Wang, Joan Ford & Rye Silverman.

That’s My Jam:
Joan Ford- Get Schwifty by Rick and Morty
Oliver Wang - S.E.A.N. by Sean Price (Prod. PF Cuttin)
Rye Silverman- Higher & Higher (Eric LIVE! Edit) from Wet Hot American Summer
Guy Branum - Flash by Queen

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Summer/ current jams

Let me start by saying that I want to like the music you guys talk about on the podcast. The lead up to each of the songs you feature really sells what you all are in to. I want to believe that your group of experts know something I don't. It's just that every time I finish the podcast, I have to wash my ears out with the music on my Ipod. I've kept quiet, figuring my taste was just different then you and your target audience. Then I listened to this weeks show and had to say something. I'm not sure whether Sean Price used the backing track on S.E.A.N. first or not, but I'd have to say that "Knives on Fire" by Doomtree is better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH3cINB3BIo . And if Guy wants a song that gets him going in the club, then try P.O.S. "Get Down" https://www.youtube.co/watch?v=7PputxGopVQ . Personal taste is just that, personal. Try something better. I want your ears to love you.