Pop Rocket: Episode 53 First Annual Pop Tart Awards

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Guy, Karen, Oliver & Margaret
Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Oliver Wang
Margaret Wappler
Karen Tongson

Karen Tongson sits in with the team to review and reward the greatest pop culture of the last 12 months.

With Oliver Wang, Margaret Wappler, Karen Tongson and host Guy Branum.

2015 Pop Tart Categories:
Best iTunes Podcasts Reviewer Name
Tarts Of Merit
Best Song
Best Musical Artist
Meme of the Year
Best TV Show
Best Flim
Best Performance Film
Best Performance Television
Tart D'Or for Greatest Pop Culture Thing of 2015

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Pop tart awards - poprocket

The song section. Whether you like it or not I cannot understand how uptown funk was not discussed. Non of the songs you discussed were in billboards tope ten songs for the year - drake wasn't even in the top twenty. i enjoy the show, but the skewering of opinions was a little bizarre.